Pipeline software that gets you organized.

A powerful sales CRM that small teams love to use.

  • Effortless sales pipeline management.
  • Helps you focus on the right deals.
  • So easy to use that salespeople love it.
  • Use on computer or mobile.

3500+ happy users in United States, many more around the world

I've used Pipedrive for the past two years. Highly recommend it.
Dan Murphy,
Co-founder, Subledger
California, United States
I had been beating my head against other CRMs, spreadsheets, google docs, and my various contact databases. Now I am in love with Pipedrive. LOVE.
Janice Fraser,
Founder & CEO, LUXr
California, United States
Pipedrive makes it extremely easy for us to manage deals with customers, investors, and even potential employees. Everything is laid out in a very visual fashion and anyone coming onboard can understand the state of our deals in a heartbeat.
Andrew Boni,
Co-founder, Iterable
California, United States
Sales CRM & Pipeline Management Software - Pipedrive

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