Sales CRM for small teams with big ambitions

A simple and visual sales pipeline tool that teams love to use

    • See all deals in a visual sales pipeline
    • Organize contacts and follow up every lead
    • Sales forecasting for avoiding nasty surprises
    • Set up in under 2 minutes, no training required
    • Work anywhere with our iOS and Android apps

300+ happy users in New Jersey, many more around the world

We love how it doesn't allow anything to fall through the cracks and we can tell which team member is responsible for each customer.
Leah Davis,
Office Manager, Contracting Solutions LLC
Pipedrive is the only CRM I could ever use for one reason: it's easy to use. It buries complex functionality underneath an elegant and easy to use interface.
Walter Chen,
Co-founder, iDoneThis
Pipedrive is a dead simple sales CRM with very user friendly design. We've found it invaluable at Amicus
Seth Bannon,
Founder & CEO, Amicus
Sales CRM & Pipeline Management Software - Pipedrive