Sales CRM for small teams with big ambitions

A simple and visual sales pipeline tool that teams love to use

    • See all deals in a visual sales pipeline
    • Organize contacts and follow up every lead
    • Sales forecasting for avoiding nasty surprises
    • Set up in under 2 minutes, no training required
    • Work anywhere with our iOS and Android apps

300+ happy users in New Jersey, many more around the world

The best and most visually appealing way to track a long sales cycle.
Kevin Lenane,
Founder & CEO, Veenome
Your product is excellent and you continue to improve it. Also valuable to us are your sales pipeline blog posts. Thanks for a great product.
Enrique Freund,
Vice president, QCI Britannic
We looked at many sales CRM tools and found Pipedrive to have the most user-friendly and modern interface. We love the pipeline layout on the homepage and visual reporting features.
Chris Bullock,
Co-Founder, SkyAnalytics
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