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Our Marketplace makes it easier than ever to explore, evaluate, and install apps to integrate with industry leading services. This awesome collection of apps will expand your selling capabilities in Pipedrive, giving you an enhanced experience that is fast, adjustable, and powerful.

The Pipedrive Marketplace features:

  • A growing catalogue of apps built to improve your sales
  • A superior browsing experience
  • Instant set-up thanks to one-click installation
  • A clear overview of your installed apps
  • Enhanced security and transparency with granular app permissions

All apps & integrations:


Act-On Software is a marketing automation provider that enables marketers to create Adaptive Journeys™ using customer behaviours, preferences, and data to intelligently guide the engagement strategy. Using Act-On software with Pipedrive, sales and marketing teams can eliminate manual efforts and create alignment with a seamless data integration for automated lead management and personalised marketing campaigns.


Automatically send lead information to Pipedrive from ActiveConversion, the marketing automation platform for industrial companies. Seamlessly sync people, organisations, and owners identified in ActiveConversion to Pipedrive.


Advanced scheduling software that acts like a personal assistant for your bookings, including sending automatic reminders and collect payment notices. Automatically sync details from new appointments booked in Acuity Scheduling to Pipedrive.


AeroLeads is a prospect generation software that finds email addresses and phone numbers of business decision makers. You can use AeroLeads to build your list of potential leads and customers in minutes and see them in your Pipedrive instantly – ready for your team to connect.


Aircall is a phone system that integrates with Pipedrive. It lets you call prospects from any of your Aircall numbers in one click and logs all your phone interactions in Pipedrive.


Connect Pipedrive with more than 15,000 apps in minutes and automate your workflows. Too busy to do it yourself? Let the APIANT team build sophisticated integrations for you in record time. You can also request apps that aren't listed to be integrated with Pipedrive.


Now you can easily integrate and sync Pipedrive with other cloud apps to visually create automated and sophisticated business processes, without the need for programming. Connect Pipedrive with other popular services like Typeform, Trello, Asana, Google Apps, Mailchimp and much, much more. Start automating your business workflows today with AppMixer!


Creates an Asana task or project automatically when you start, close or move a deal to a selected stage in your sales pipeline. The seamless integration ensures an effortless flow of information between sales and other divisions of your organisation.


Generate leads from your website with Blitzen's inline, popover and lightbox forms and route them automatically to Pipedrive. Collect valuable lead intelligence using surveys, data enrichment and progressive profiling features with the goal of improving the quality of your leads. Do lead grading and segmentation in Blitzen and assign only the best leads to your sales team in Pipedrive.


CallHippo is a cloud-based virtual phone system which provides local and toll free numbers for over 50 countries around the world. Their handy integration with Pipedrive allows users to make quick calls directly from their Pipedrive contacts and logs all call-related activity.


Get up to 50% more incoming sales calls from your website with an automated callback within 25 seconds – "wow effect" guaranteed! Callmaker automatically logs incoming phone leads in Pipedrive with call recordings and traffic sources. Increase your sales, analyse traffic sources and automate the process.


Catalyst is a complete sales productivity solution that helps organisations boost their sales performance by driving engagement. Transparency and accountability in the KPI's are measured and analysed. With this integration, Pipedrive customers can automate sales competitions, get real-time performance matrices and analytics, create transparency around the goal management process, and drive successful behaviours using gamification.


Dataiku provides the most productive predictive services development platform for data professionals -- from those just learning to analyse data to expert data scientists. This all-in-one platform, Data Science Studio (DSS), integrates the capabilities required to build and deploy end-to-end services that quickly turn raw data into business impacting predictions.


Dedupely is the smarter, safer way to merge large batches of duplicate contacts and organisations in Pipedrive. Save your team valuable time being wasted on merging duplicate contacts, or chasing down the most relevant duplicate to base a call on. Use Dedupely with Pipedrive to cut down on data maintenance and the number of leads lost as duplicates, and to improve overall team performance.


Domo allows users to integrate, collaborate, and visualise all of their important Pipedrive data alongside any other data source. Together, Domo and Pipedrive provide businesses with the insights needed to find answers to critical business questions and make faster better-informed decisions.


Drip is marketing automation that allows you to send personalised email campaigns to the right person at exactly the right time, calculating subscriber actions for lead score at the same time. The integration lets you send your hottest leads from Drip to Pipedrive, bringing your marketing and sales efforts together seamlessly.


Dryrun is a cash flow and sales forecasting tool for small business. With the Pipedrive integration, you can import your deals into Dryrun to see your sales pipeline, forecast your cash flow, track expected close dates and see how your sales will impact your business.


Nurturing your pipeline leads into loyal customers while tracking real-time results is made simple with E-GOI. Automate your sales funnel with this easy-to-use omnichannel marketing automation platform that is perfect for email, SMS, push, voice, broadcast and drip campaigns. Attract, convert and retain now!


Create SMS, Email Campaigns or a mixture of both. Track every aspect of your email or SMS campaign. Enudge offers free unlimited contacts, unlimited emails, and Australian or American data storage as per your request. The Pipedrive integration syncs your contacts seamlessly with Enudge.


Flatly enables Pipedrive users to easily schedule automatic exports of Pipedrive data to flat files and spreadsheets in user-controlled cloud drives, such as Google Drive. Once a user's data is on their cloud drive, it can be applied to any set of formulas, tables or charts of the user's choosing, without any recurring manual re-work.


Fonreach is an all-in-one, browser-based call center and IP PBX service for sales, support, and marketing. Perfect for companies between 1 and 500 employees, our Pipedrive Integration makes sure all call recordings are assigned to Pipedrive activities and missed and connected calls are reported in Pipedrive. You will always know what and how calls were made to your agents.


Zapier is a great way for users to push data between Pipedrive and Freshbooks without having to write any code. While there are prebuilt templates, the integration allows you to build your own in just a few minutes.


Front is the first inbox for teams that ensures fast response times and helps avoid duplicate work. It’s ideal for managing team inboxes like sales@, support@, etc. With this integration, Front customers see Pipedrive’s deal information in their Front inbox, and the same interactions logged directly in Pipedrive – leading to more informed conversations with customers.


Pipedrive users can send, track and eSign all sales and business documents with GetAccept. With full document analytics, you have full control of the secure e-signing process directly from Pipedrive using all the existing data in templates. Accelerate the close and engage the recipient with a personalised video introduction and use the built-in live chat to keep the conversation going from initial pitch to won deal.

Google Apps

Pipedrive works seamlessly with Google Apps and Google Drive. The two-way sync between Pipedrive and Google apps ensures when you edit something on either platform, the change is automatically reflected in the other.

Google Maps

The Google Maps integration helps you plan your routes without ever having to leave the Pipedrive app. Filtering allows you to easily segment customers by city, state or country.

Gravity Forms

Automate the submission of enquiries from WordPress and Gravity Forms directly into your Pipedrive account. Easy mapping of form fields to deal and contact fields with support for attachments is included.


Grow empowers businesses to become data-driven and accelerate growth with custom data dashboards. Grow is the simplest way to unite data from hundreds of sources like Pipedrive to other software.

HappyFox Chat

Boost your sales pipeline by converting more website visitors to leads using HappyFox Chat. No more switching tabs between Pipedrive and live chat to get either your customer or your prospect’s previous deal history during a conversation. With this integration, you can fetch the latest data about deals while conducting a live chat.

Help Scout

Help Scout is an invisible help desk that assists you in building a company your customers love with more human, more helpful customer support tools.With a Pipedrive integration, users see full context on each customer they are responding to, including background on the individual customer relationship, as well as any sensitivities to the sales team and sales process. By integrating, users can boost productivity and monitor the activities planned to help close deals, straight from Help Scout.


Illumineto helps you find, package and personalise the delivery of content for your prospect and have all their actions automatically update your Pipedrive Deals or Contact records, giving you more time to sell and close deals.


Infobip SMS Notifier enables administrators to set automatic (scheduled) SMS messages triggered by various activities (events) within the Pipedrive platform. By sending text messages directly to a user’s mobile device, Infobip SMS offers Pipedrive users an additional channel to to receive notifications and reminders through in addition to emails.


With Integromat you can connect Pipedrive to your favourite apps and services. You will no longer need to repeat the same tasks again and again! Just create a scenario that will watch for new data being created in a specified app and it will automatically trigger actions in Pipedrive, or vice-versa! Create very complex and deep integrations and make your work with Pipedrive even more effective.


Intellibook is a simple but powerful online tour and event management tool for travel agents. It integrates seamlessly with Pipedrive to synchronise bookings, products and contacts from Intellibook.


Log all your calling activities, voicemails and call recordings in Pipedrive with JustCall, a cloud phone system integration that lets you call prospects. For each event (missed call, completed call or a voicemail), an activity is created and associated with your contacts. Your call recordings on JustCall are directly accessible in your Pipedrive account.


Kixie is a phone service for sales teams featuring a two-way Pipedrive integration. Level-up your sales process with one-click dialing, automatic call logging, lifetime call recordings, and intuitive sales metrics inside Pipedrive. Start making local or international calls in under 3 minutes.


Klenty is a sales development tool that helps you find prospects and then reach out to them at scale, using a "Predictable Revenue" process to automate personalised emails and follow-ups. The native Pipedrive integration allows users to transfer contacts seamlessly between Klenty and Pipedrive.

Lead Liaison

Lead Liaison's marketing automation and website visitor tracking software provides valuable insight for sales teams and helps marketers convert more website visitors. Easily push new prospects from Lead Liaison to Pipedrive or use both companies' Zaps from Zapier to exchange data between platforms.


Leadberry is web based B2B lead generation software, powered by Google Analytics. Turning anonymous website visitors into sales leads is a very high advantage for any type or size of companies who are working in the B2B sector. Connected to Pipedrive, leads given by Leadberry will automatically show up as a “Lead-In” deal on your Pipedrive dashboard, making your sales process even more effective.


LeadBoxer is an online customer intelligence platform that enables you to track and identify leads from web visitors and email recipients. The tool tracks and analyses user behaviour patterns to help you plot the full customer journey. The data gathered is easy to filter and segment, and using advanced lead scoring algorithms, LeadBoxer transforms it into actionable insights that help you spend less time qualifying and more time closing.


Leadfeeder connects with Google Analytics to show you companies that visit your website. Convert these visits into Pipedrive deals automatically and get updates about their website visits.


LeaDroid tells you who visits your site and then imports the potential sales leads into Pipedrive. It takes just four clicks to install the Pipedrive integration -- no code or script required.


LinkMatch is a Google Chrome Extension for LinkedIn that allows users to see which LinkedIn profiles (People & Organisations) are included or excluded from contact data in their Pipedrive database. LinkedIn profiles that are not already synced to Pipedrive contacts are automatically added in with the help of this nifty integration.


All web visitors represent sales opportunities, which is why establishing contact and offering a supportive nudge using live chat can seriously boost revenue. Integrating LiveChat with Pipedrive allows you do just that, as well as collect and store valuable information on potential buyers. One click is all it takes to manage your people and deals directly from the LiveChat application.


Livestorm is a webinar software that lives in your browser. It provides a full webinar package including real-time video on any device or browser, registration pages, email reminders, replays and more. Livestorm integrates with Pipedrive so you can send your leads automatically from your webinars to your CRM.


Mail2Easy: we mean it. With its unique and intuitive interface, Mail2Easy allows you to create multichannel and triggered email campaigns with just a few clicks and zero coding or programming skills. You can easily upload your email list from Pipedrive using any of your custom designed filters. Whether you choose to upload contacts on a daily or hourly basis, Mail2Easy keeps your lists perfectly synced on both platforms at all times.


Mailjet is an all-in-one platform to create, send and track marketing and transactional emails that convert. Connect Pipedrive to Mailjet to automate ongoing contact synchronisation, update contact data between Pipedrive and Mailjet and send personalised emails to nurture your leads.

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is a powerful integration that can automate almost any time-consuming task or process. Set up a flow that instantly manages critical emails, notifies the whole team whenever a work item is updated, or captures, tracks, and follows up with new sales leads. The possibilities are endless, whether it's a complex multistep process or a simple one-step task. Start using flows to instantly boost your team's efficiency, productivity and overall performance.


Mixmax is an email productivity suite designed for the modern sales professional. Know exactly who interacts with your emails, create templates for your most effective messaging, and sync everything directly to Pipedrive. Now you can focus on closing sales, not logging activity.


MRPEasy is powerful yet simple resource planning software for small and midsize manufacturers and distributors. It contains advanced stock, supply chain and production management. The integration automatically sends successful deals into MRPEasy for fulfillment: sell in Pipedrive and manage products in MRPEasy!

Nectar Desk

With full-feature interactive phone system and call center software from Nectar Desk, you can create contacts and deals, add deal notes and automatically log calls or SMS messages in Pipedrive, and see caller information from Pipedrive on incoming calls.


The Octiv integration with Pipedrive gives salespeople the power to create, send, track and sign sales documents online – on any device, anywhere. Create accurate and professionally branded presentations, quotes, proposals, and contracts. Quote and price deals accurately and consistently. Share trackable, collaborative documents for eSignature.


Ottspott is a cloud voice communications and call center Slack app that integrates with Pipedrive. Users get call log activity (outbound calls, inbound calls, missed calls, voice mails) directly inside their Pipedrive account. They will also get a dedicated Slack channel on which they can collaborate on calls. The Ottspott Chrome extension allows Pipedrive users to use click to call for their sales outbound campaigns.


Track, negotiate, and sign documents with your clients all in one location. Sync contact data between Pipedrive and PandaDoc and close deals quickly.


Send invoices without ever leaving Pipedrive. Your sales team can turn deals into invoices without changing their workflow. Move a deal to the selected stage in your pipeline to automatically generate and email an invoice. Paycove updates your deal, keeping you informed of payments and notifications.


PieSync is a powerful solution to keep your Pipedrive contacts in a perfect two-way sync with your favourite cloud apps (MailChimp, Google, etc.) and your mobile phone.


Pipechimp syncs your contact persons with custom field data to MailChimp and brings contact persons' activities back to Pipedrive as notes and new deals. Your Pipedrive and MailChimp will work together as one sales machine. With Pipechimp you can react instantly when your clients and prospects are interested and ready to buy.


Plecto is a team motivation software that visualises real-time sales data from Pipedrive. With Plecto, users can customise dashboards; recognise success with automated “win” notifications, milestone achievements and sales leaderboards; and energise their team to boost performance.


Proposable takes the pain out of creating, tracking, and signing your sales proposals. Sync your Pipedrive deals and contacts with Proposable and generate beautiful web-based sales documents that will wow your prospects. Once proposals are delivered, all proposal activity, deal value, and proposal acceptance flows back into Pipedrive for a seamless proposal workflow.


Proposify integrates with Pipedrive to streamline your sales. Connect one of your Proposify proposals with a deal in Pipedrive and we'll automatically update your deal as it progresses through the sales cycle. finds contact information and initiates prospect emails in real time from your browser. This integration syncs prospect information as deals to Pipedrive at the same time.


Zapier allows you to integrate Pipedrive with the digital version of the popular accounting tool Quickbooks. Make sure all your sales information reaches your accounting department every time.


The Market Leading sales quoting and proposal solution integrates with Pipedrive via TanamiGold by Gold Rush Technology. QuoteWerks provides flexible quoting and proposal templates, access to prices directly from some vendors, or into existing accounting, or other databases. QuoteValet delivers quotes as online shopping carts, and you’ll know when your customer views your quote with their online acceptance and immediate payment options. Leasing, recurring billing, bundles, quote configurator are just some of the available features.


How many activities does it take to win a deal? How many deals did you close this month? What is the average deal size? Use Rasper to answer these important questions, monitor key metrics, and set up regular sales reporting alongside your pipeline.


Rexpense is a robust expense management application that automates many business processes and, in doing so, reduces administrative efforts. When integrated with Pipedrive Activities, Rexpense can automatically generate pre-expenses every time a user adds an important activity to their pipeline.


An omni-channel analytics and communication platform, Ringostat provides one-click automatic creation of contacts, deals and organisations in Pipedrive. You can also track, log and record key sales calls and events with Ringostat, and send data such as traffic source, keyword searched and your comments directly to Pipedrive.

Ruler Analytics

Ruler Analytics adds multi-touch marketing attribution to your Pipedrive deals. The integration automatically detects form completions on your website, then sends them to Pipedrive along with valuable marketing source information such as channel, campaign, and keywords over multiple site visits.


Designed for Excel, the SeoTools integration allows you to import data, save templates, apply filters and select the statistics you want to analyse in a matter of seconds. If you need to evaluate your Pipedrive performance and like to work with Excel, this application is for you.


SharpSpring is a marketing automation platform designed to drive more leads, convert leads to sales, and optimise marketing spend. Its flexible platform and affordable pricing distinguish it from its competitors and have made it one of the fastest growing marketing automation providers. Capture information on site visitors and create dynamic emails and landing pages to drive more leads to your Pipedrive sales pipeline.


Unify all your customer communication into Slack! Interact with your leads and customers wherever they are (your site, Facebook page, Twitter page, iOS app, Android app, your mailbox, etc.) from a single point in space: Slack and automatically sync your activities and contacts into your Pipedrive!


Keep yourself and team up-to-date without having to schedule meetings or write lengthy emails or hunting down the sales rep. Search Pipedrive contacts, organisations and deals without leaving Slack.


Close more deals by providing your sales team with insights from the top of the funnel to bottom-line revenue. Incorporate Pipedrive data into your business dashboards and get a detailed snapshot of your company sales. Access and visualise your data in minutes without needing to export/import data.

Solar Monkey

Solar installers use Solar Monkey to remotely design PV-systems using state of the art combinations of aerial photographs and 3D-imagery. While already a stellar tool, Solar Monkey’s Pipedrive integration makes it even easier to fully optimise the unique business processes of solar installers.


SupportBee is an easy way to manage your customer support emails. You can view relevant information from Pipedrive when one of your leads sends you a support email. SupportBee helps keep your sales and support functions in sync.


Add new deals and contacts from Survicate's web form for lead collection. See their website activity and additional details to get actionable insights to make the first contact great.


Talkdesk offers browser-based call center software that can be deployed in 5 minutes. The integration allows you to update and create notes, contacts and activities in Pipedrive from Talkdesk so your entire team is always on the same page.


talkSpirit is the ultimate communication and collaboration platform for your team and organisation. With it's nifty Pipedrive integration installed, you'll be instantly informed about new deals and be able to monitor their progress. Using the Pipedrive bot, you can search for, create, update, and change the status of deals without leaving talkSpirit. Combined with Pipedrive, talkSpirit makes sharing and celebrating your success within your organisation easier than ever.


Synchronise Toky with Pipedrive for a web-based business phone solution that supports web calls, Facebook calls and regular phone calls. Create tickets with call events (outbound, inbound, missed, voicemail, SMS) attached to the contacts and deals.

A next-generation integration platform that uses visual workflows and supports over 60 software tools, lets you design your own Pipedrive integrations, tailored to your business. can also auto-create Asana projects for new Pipedrive deals, for example, to keep your sales and implementation teams in sync.


The Pipedrive Power-Up automatically creates Trello cards when you start, close or move a deal to a selected stage in your sales pipeline. It also lets you pull deal information straight into Trello from Pipedrive, ensuring automatic and faultless information handover between sales and the rest of your organisation.


Set up sales and marketing automation in a few minutes using Triggerbee, Pipedrive and your email service. Triggerbee's real-time customer analytics makes it a breeze to track website events, form submissions and subscriber behaviour, as simple automation flows create and update deals and move your prospects forward in your Pipedrive pipeline.


UnifiedVU Platform extends the functionality and features of Pipedrive by integrating Pipedrive with your favourite SaaS apps – including Xero, MailChimp, Zendesk, Twitter, Companies House (UK), Google Maps, FullContact, and many more – to increase customer Life Time Value (LTV) and close sales faster.

Vainu provides you with the best B2B sales opportunities by indexing the open web and enriching company data. By integrating Pipedrive with Vainu and using your own CRM data in prospecting, your sales team can efficiently fill up the sales funnel with high quality prospects and identify the right time to be in touch.


WebMerge automates your document creation so you can get back to business. Automatically populate Pipedrive data into a PDF, Word document, Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation in an instant without the need to manually copy and paste.


Capture potential leads and collect relevant information about your contacts through Wishpond's easy to use lead generation pages. Export all captured data into your Pipedrive account with one click so you can manage and organise your leads in your sales pipelines.


Sync Pipedrive with Woopra's real-time customer analytics. Improve sales and marketing alignment by automatically adding new signups to Pipedrive, tracking Pipedrive deal updates in your analytics and more.


Xero is online accounting software aimed specifically at small businesses. With the Pipedrive integration through Zapier, you can seamlessly take a deal from closed to the attention of your accounting department.


Xplenty is a data delivery platform that allows organisations to easily integrate, transform, and process data from all of their major sources. With Xplenty, businesses can choose what data they want delivered, how they want it delivered, and when they want it delivered - with no set schedules, no bulk data and no working in the code. helps track activity in cloud accounts, so users maintain focus and save time. Yoke creates activity cards on an intelligent board, which provide a quick overview of the data and the option to click a card for more details on the cloud-based service's website. In Pipedrive, users can trace the following: 1) open activities, 2) open deals in a specific pipeline, and 3) open deals in a named filter.

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