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The only limit to the ways you can use Pipedrive is your imagination.
We partner with industry leading companies to ensure that the only limit to the ways you can use Pipedrive is your imagination. Whether you're seeking increased automation, enhanced reporting or want Pipedrive to work with other software you're already using, there's bound to be an integration that meets your needs.

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Lead generation:


Automatically send lead information to Pipedrive from ActiveConversion, the marketing automation platform for industrial companies. Seamlessly sync people, organisations, and owners identified in ActiveConversion to Pipedrive.


AeroLeads is a prospect generation software that finds email addresses and phone numbers of business decision makers. You can use AeroLeads to build your list of potential leads and customers in minutes and see them in your Pipedrive instantly – ready for your team to connect.

Business Card Reader

Business Card Reader for Pipedrive CRM helps you export all card data directly into your CRM system in just two clicks. Snap a photo, add any data or info you need and import the contact directly to Pipedrive.


Get up to 50% more incoming sales calls from your website with an automated callback within 25 seconds – "wow effect" guaranteed! Callmaker automatically logs incoming phone leads in Pipedrive with call recordings and traffic sources. Increase your sales, analyse traffic sources and automate the process.


Datananas is a software to import B2B prospects from professional social networks directly into Pipedrive with corporate emails and phone numbers.


Klenty is a sales development tool that helps you find prospects and then reach out to them at scale, using a "Predictable Revenue" process to automate personalised emails and follow-ups. The native Pipedrive integration allows users to transfer contacts seamlessly between Klenty and Pipedrive.

Lead Liaison

Lead Liaison's marketing automation and website visitor tracking software provides valuable insight for sales teams and helps marketers convert more website visitors. Easily push new prospects from Lead Liaison to Pipedrive or use both companies' Zaps from Zapier to exchange data between platforms.


Leadberry is web based B2B lead generation software, powered by Google Analytics. Turning anonymous website visitors into sales leads is a very high advantage for any type or size of companies who are working in the B2B sector. Connected to Pipedrive, leads given by Leadberry will automatically show up as a “Lead-In” deal on your Pipedrive dashboard, making your sales process even more effective.


Leadfeeder connects with Google Analytics to show you companies that visit your website. Convert these visits into Pipedrive deals automatically and get updates about their website visits.


LeaDroid tells you who visits your site and then imports the potential sales leads into Pipedrive. It takes just four clicks to install the Pipedrive integration -- no code or script required.


LinkMatch is a Google Chrome Extension for LinkedIn that allows users to see which LinkedIn profiles (People & Organisations) are included or excluded from contact data in their Pipedrive database. LinkedIn profiles that are not already synced to Pipedrive contacts are automatically added in with the help of this nifty integration.


All web visitors represent sales opportunities, which is why establishing contact and offering a supportive nudge using live chat can seriously boost revenue. Integrating LiveChat with Pipedrive allows you do just that, as well as collect and store valuable information on potential buyers. One click is all it takes to manage your people and deals directly from the LiveChat application.


Livestorm is a webinar software that lives in your browser. It provides a full webinar package including real-time video on any device or browser, registration pages, email reminders, replays and more. Livestorm integrates with Pipedrive so you can send your leads automatically from your webinars to your CRM.


Ottspott is a cloud voice communications and call center Slack app that integrates with Pipedrive. Users get call log activity (outbound calls, inbound calls, missed calls, voice mails) directly inside their Pipedrive account. They will also get a dedicated Slack channel on which they can collaborate on calls. The Ottspott Chrome extension allows Pipedrive users to use click to call for their sales outbound campaigns. finds contact information and initiates prospect emails in real time from your browser. This integration syncs prospect information as deals to Pipedrive at the same time.


Add new deals and contacts from Survicate's web form for lead collection. See their website activity and additional details to get actionable insights to make the first contact great.


Synchronise Toky with Pipedrive for a web-based business phone solution that supports web calls, Facebook calls and regular phone calls. Create tickets with call events (outbound, inbound, missed, voicemail, SMS) attached to the contacts and deals.


Set up sales and marketing automation in a few minutes using Triggerbee, Pipedrive and your email service. Triggerbee's real-time customer analytics makes it a breeze to track website events, form submissions and subscriber behaviour, as simple automation flows create and update deals and move your prospects forward in your Pipedrive pipeline.

Vainu provides you with the best B2B sales opportunities by indexing the open web and enriching company data. By integrating Pipedrive with Vainu and using your own CRM data in prospecting, your sales team can efficiently fill up the sales funnel with high quality prospects and identify the right time to be in touch.


Capture potential leads and collect relevant information about your contacts through Wishpond's easy to use lead generation pages. Export all captured data into your Pipedrive account with one click so you can manage and organise your leads in your sales pipelines.


Sync Pipedrive with Woopra's real-time customer analytics. Improve sales and marketing alignment by automatically adding new signups to Pipedrive, tracking Pipedrive deal updates in your analytics and more.

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