Mobile CRM

Take your CRM with you and manage your contacts and sales effectively, even when you’re on the move. Dial calls to your customers, take notes after a meeting, and manage your tasks wherever you are.

Look up important details on the go

A mobile CRM will let you effortlessly access your to-do list and activities; easily search for your contacts by name or organisation and dial calls with just a tap of a finger; and check your deal history with the contact, so that you’re always up-to-date.

Manage your tasks effectively

A truly mobile CRM system like Pipedrive will give you a clear overview of your tasks. And when you get an idea for a new lead or need to add a task to your to-do list, it takes just moments to add.

To make sure you never drop the ball, you can set notification reminders for all activities – this way, you’ll always follow up on time.

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Add meeting and call notes

With a mobile CRM you can take notes during a call or meeting on your phone, and have them appear in your web application immediately.

Having an option to take and add photo notes saves you from having to double your work after having already drawn an important graph on a whiteboard.

You can even take audio notes on your phone and save them to the relevant deal, so that you can record your most important ideas as soon as you think of them.

Take your sales pipeline with you

To get a complete picture of your deals, you can view your sales pipeline in landscape mode – just like you would on desktop. You’ll immediately see the deals you need to focus on now.

Working on different devices is made easy thanks to instant two-way sync between the mobile and web applications.

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No internet? No problem

Pipedrive’s mobile apps work perfectly offline. So whenever you’re stuck in a subway with no Internet connection or on a plane with no Wi-Fi, you can still get your work done on mobile and not worry about all the work getting lost.

Once you get back online, the changes will automatically sync with Pipedrive and your information will be up-to date.

80,000+ happy mobile users across Android and iOS

Excellent CRM tool. It improved my sales team’s feedback and focus. Check Zapier for integration with other apps.
Dacian Lontis
at Google Play Store
This is the best sales pipeline software that we have found. It's a Sales CRM on steroids.
Dmitri Zolotarsky
at Google Play Store
Unbelievably amazing. I love this app. I was initially using web app but the transition was smooth and easy. Took me less than 10 minutes to get the hang of it.
Bill Okoba
at Google Play Store

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Mobile CRM