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We are proud to announce Pipedrive has reached a new milestone – we are now helping 30,000 small businesses around the globe win big at sales.


countries covered


languages supported

Here’s what we learned on our way to getting there.

The facts, the lessons and the future

Last year our customers completed

22,000,000 activities to win 2,000,000 deals

This clearly shows Pipedrive helps customers manage complex sales processes.

This activity-based philosophy is what helps our customers win big

You can’t control results, only your actions!

Our philosophy in action

We practice this activity-based philosophy while building our company. To get to 30,000 customers, you need to do a whole lot of activities like hiring a team, setting up customer service and continually improving the product.

While we’re understandably proud of this achievement, our focus remains on putting in the work to make you more successful; to understand and serve your needs.

Pipedrive’s timeline to 30K

Launch closed beta testing

October 2010

First paying customer

March 2011

Demo at AngelPad Demo Day; hit 330 paying customers in 24 countries

October 2011

1,000 paying customers in 65 countries

April 2012

Raise $700,000 seed round; 15 employees

July 2012

Raise another $2.4 million; more than 3,000 customers in over 100 countries; 21 employees

September 2013

50 employees

June 2014

Reach 10,000 paying customers worldwide


Steve Oriola joins Pipedrive as CEO; 70 employees

April 2015

Pipedrive raises $9 million in Series A

May 2015

Move U.S. HQ to New York; named Best Enterprise / SaaS / B2B Startup in Europe

June 2015

100 employees

September 2015

30,000 paying customers in more than 140 countries; 150+ employees

March 2016

Why 30,000 customers chose us

We built a team with our customers in mind




spoken languages



162 years

of cumulative sales experience

We hired first-class developers

529 years

of cumulative developer experience


lines of code

Our work is never done. Your advice, requests and suggestions keep us motivated to always improve.

We created a support team that puts customers first


Customer satisfaction rate in February 2016

Our focus is to make our customer support fast, effective and friendly.

Our Inside Sales team has helped customers understand the value of Pipedrive better

525 hours

of inside sales phone calls since January

We educated our users with sales training

16,793 people

have read Sales Pipeline Academy and improved their sales

We opened up our platform to a long list of integrations

over 40 in total

These global brands use Pipedrive

However, the majority of our 30,000 customers are small businesses who aren’t world famous (yet).

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30,000 Happy Customers With Pipedrive
30,000 Happy Customers With Pipedrive