Selling & Scaling

Selling is hard. Scaling fast is a monumental challenge. We want to help you with both. Our sales education library is crammed full of how-to articles, step-by-step guides, and expert advice from sales leaders to help you sell and scale fast.

sales collateral
13 Examples of Sales Collateral You Need to Drive Revenue
Sales collateral helps salespeople close deals and provides an important opportunity to demonstrate expertise and build trust. Sales collateral supports conversations throughout the sales cycle, from generating leads to closing deals.
types of sales jobs
A Complete List of All The Types of Sales Jobs
Looking for your next sales role, or for potential sales jobs to hire for in your company? This list of 13 sales jobs will help.
How to be a good car salesperson
How To Be a Good Car Salesperson: Expert Tips and How Much You Could Make
Today’s car salesperson must do more than just sell cars, they must be able to sell themselves and change the image of the car salesperson into something positive for the customer. Are you looking to become a good car salesperson? Or a manager looking to train good car salespeople? Our article can help
Marketplace Apps Spotlight March 2021
Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: March 2021
Automate your processes and save time and money with these five new Pipedrive integrations. Get caller information with Labelcall, sync LinkedIn and Pipedrive with LinkPort, create surveys and more with MightyForms, reduce your video meetings with StoryXpress and get rid of pointless software spend with SubOps.
Pipedrive Updates March 2021
In Case you Missed It... Pipedrive Updates March 2021
In this month’s Pipedrive updates article, we talk you through changes we’ve made to Leads Inbox and Workflow Automation. We’ve also added some new videos to Academy to help you perfect your sales technique.
Pipedrive Big Dog Solar case study
How Big Dog Solar Grew Revenue by 40% with the Help of Pipedrive Professional
With Pipedrive as the cornerstone of the company’s drive to improve its sales, marketing and customer management processes, solar panel installation company Big Dog Solar has seen considerable growth in revenue over the last year.
Sales Development Rep
What is a Sales Development Rep? How to Get a Job and the Skills You Need
Sales development can be the first step in a rewarding sales career. Find out what a sales development rep does, the required SDR sales skills and how to get the job.
Phone Sales Tips
17 Phone Sales Tips from the Experts to Help You Make Better Sales Calls
Whether you’re initiating contact with a new lead, or following up with a prospect, knowing how to make sales calls effectively can prove integral to your success. Use these 17 phone sales tips from the experts to improve your calling strategy and close more deals.
Pipedrive Zapier Leads
3 Ways To Automate Your Lead Generation Process with Pipedrive and Zapier
To celebrate the launch of new Zapier features for Pipedrive, which are centered around our leads toolset, we share some of the great ways you can make lead creation simpler with automation using Pipedrive.