Selling & Scaling

Selling is hard. Scaling fast is a monumental challenge. We want to help you with both. Our sales education library is crammed full of how-to articles, step-by-step guides, and expert advice from sales leaders to help you sell and scale fast.

Smart Docs 2021
Smart Docs Pro: Remove Pipedrive Branding and Easily Share Templates and Documents Internally with Colleagues
April 6, 2021
You can now remove Pipedrive’s logo from your documents before sharing them using the Smart Docs Pro (previously Sales Docs) feature. We’ve also made it easier for Professional and Enterprise plan users to share documents and templates with colleagues.
gross vs. net sales
What’s the Difference Between Gross Sales vs. Net Sales?
Understanding both net sales and gross sales helps you to make better business decisions and set realistic goals for your sales team. Learn how they are calculated and more in this guide.
Advanced Stem Sell Institute Case Study
How Advanced Stem Cell Institute Uses Automation to Convert 89% of People Who Have Received Treatment Recommendations
Thanks to the Pipedrive and Textline integration, the team at Advanced Stem Cell Institute is contacting over 25 patients a day and has a conversion rate of 89% for patients who have received treatment recommendations.
Social Burro Case Study
How Social Burro Inc. is on Track to Triple its Annual Revenue with the Help of Pipedrive
Having used Pipedrive since its inception, social media and consulting company Social Burro Inc. is currently on track to make three times the revenue they made last year.
Brexit EU UK Sales
How does Brexit Affect EU Salespeople Selling to the UK?
Many Brexit changes took effect in January 2021. Learn how Brexit affects EU salespeople and businesses who sell and provide services to the UK.
Brexit UK EU Sales
How does Brexit Affect UK Salespeople Selling to the EU?
Brexit means big changes for UK companies selling into the EU. Find out about the new requirements including customs declarations, VAT charges and more.
Sales Promotion
12 Sales Promotion Examples to Win More Deals and How to Prepare Your Sales Team
Sales promotion definition and examples to spark interest so you can create demand for a product or service, generate leads, boost sales and maximize brand awareness.
sales collateral
13 Examples of Sales Collateral You Need to Drive Revenue
Sales collateral helps salespeople close deals and provides an important opportunity to demonstrate expertise and build trust. Sales collateral supports conversations throughout the sales cycle, from generating leads to closing deals.
types of sales jobs
A Complete List of All The Types of Sales Jobs
Looking for your next sales role, or for potential sales jobs to hire for in your company? This list of 13 sales jobs will help.