Call Tracking Arrives for iOS and Android Apps

Call Tracking Arrives for iOS and Android Apps

Keeping track of those sales calls just got easier with the arrival of Pipedrive’s call tracking mobile app for iOS and Android.

Call tracking allows you to:

  • Log phone calls
  • Take notes after the call
  • Link calls and notes to deals
  • Schedule follow-up activities in Pipedrive

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Call tracking works on outgoing calls only
  2. Calls need to originate from the Pipedrive app
  3. Call logs are saved as activities under the person’s name, organization and deal
  4. If you want to turn the feature off, navigate to More → Preferences and toggle Call Logging off 

Logging calls under related activities

Like many sales reps, you probably schedule your calls and then make notes about the conversation, putting details under the relevant deal. For example, if you speak to someone during a previously scheduled call, rather than create a new call-type activity after the call, the new Pipedrive app will ask if you want to put the note in the already-existing activity and mark it as “done.”

The mobile app helps you keep your activities list clean and thereby keeps you more productive.

Don’t have the app yet?

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