Team Management

Managing sales is tricky enough. Managing multiple sales teams in a fast scaling company is a monumental challenge. We've got the resources, guides and expert leadership advice you need to scale your sales team for lasting success.

Customer Success Manager
What Does a Customer Success Manager Do? Job Description and Why You Should Hire One
In business, making the sale is only half the battle. From there, the relationship that develops between a company and customer often becomes as important in determining the longevity and profitability of their partnership. In this article, we explore the growing popularity of the Customer Success Manager role in organizations and how your business can benefit from hiring them.
Manage Remote Sales Team
Remote Selling: How to manage a sales team remotely
Remote selling, done right, can elevate the selling process, help you improve your team’s productivity and fill your sales pipeline. As more businesses transition to a remote selling environment, we’ve put together this guide to help your team adapt to the change and sell more effectively.
four day week sales marketing
A Four-Day Work Week in Sales and Marketing: Should You Consider it?
This year especially, as working life has changed enormously due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some are looking to the four-day week as a solution for lockdown, unemployment and more. Taking into account conflicting reports of the impact, is a four-day working week something that you should be considering for your business or sales and marketing team?
sales incentive
Sales Incentives Programs: How to Choose One that Galvanizes Your Team
In this article, we compare and contrast traditional sales incentive schemes with modern incentive programs, outline five types of incentive programs you can use today, explore sales incentive ideas and discuss how to apply the right sales incentives to your business.
convince your team CRM
How to Convince Your Team to Invest in a CRM
You’ve found the one: the CRM tool that will change everything. You know it will help you better qualify leads, close more deals and spend less time on manual tasks. It’s customizable and easy to use. In this guide, we’ll show you how to make your case for a CRM and prove it’s worth the investment, both if you’re just getting started with a CRM solution or you’re switching from a different CRM tool.
Coronavirus Keep Your Sales Team Safe
How to Keep Your Sales Team Safe and Motivated During the COVID-19 Outbreak
Learn how to take care of your sales team during the COVID-19 crisis with effective work from policies, clear-cut health and safety guidelines, supportive reassurance and inside sales training.
Financial Crisis Sales
How Your Sales Team Can Handle a Global Financial Crisis
Everything you should be doing to survive a global financial crisis so you and your sales team can emerge stronger and ready for anything.
Hiring Salespeople
Hiring Salespeople: How to Create the Perfect Sales Recruitment Strategy
From deciding if it’s the right time to hire to identifying dynamic candidates, a hiring strategy helps you make recruitment decisions based on what’s best for your business. In this post, we’re going to take a deeper look at how sales recruitment has changed in the recent past, why a sales hiring strategy is important and outline the eight steps to building a refined sales hiring strategy.
conducting annual sales review
8 Steps to Conducting an Annual Sales Review
It's easy to become obsessed by the day-to-day activities in sales. However, to improve your performance year-over-year, it's important to stop and reflect.