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How Leyout More than Halved Tool Costs with Pipedrive Smart Docs

Leyout’s founder Stefan Blendulf tried every online document management solution he could find, but when he discovered that Pipedrive had just launched the Smart Docs feature, he knew it was the right choice. Switching to Smart Docs has significantly reduced his costs and, as he says, tripled his efficiency.

  • Moving to Smart Docs has reduced his customer and document management tool costs by 58%
  • According to Stefan, his process is “three times” more efficient than it was before
  • Pipedrive’s Advanced plan has been vital to the two-person team’s success

Swedish startup Leyout helps small- and medium-sized e-commerce companies optimize their online stores. However, it took the company a while to find its niche.

“We started off as a digital agency, and it was pretty much overall, you know: We were doing web design, we were doing ads, we were doing in-reel ads, we were doing printing, it was everything honestly—it wasn’t even all digital, it was more like advertising and communications,” explains Stefan.

“But then we found our niche. In the last year, we’ve been working to package a product that could benefit us in a recurring way, because we needed the recurring income.

“We tried a lot of different things and ended up with a product that benefits small-to-medium sized companies that either lack budget, time or the knowledge of doing it themselves, with customer optimization that doesn’t cost them too much, so that’s the idea and it’s been working great so far.”

The challenge Leyout faced

Before using Smart Docs, Stefan was relying on many of Pipedrive’s integrations (available in the Pipedrive Marketplace) to automate their process and manage steps outside the CRM, including document management.

“We were using too many applications to achieve one thing,” says Stefan. “It was just SaaS on SaaS on SaaS on SaaS. We ended up using ten different tools and I mean sure, you can integrate most of them with Pipedrive, but the pricing goes up pretty fast.”

“That was the biggest challenge, to maintain a great workflow, because the more apps you have the more things you need to take into consideration, and you can set everything up with automation, but that’s also something that takes time and maintenance, so that was the big struggle, to have everything work great together and to really maintain a smooth workflow.”

Smart Docs was the solution and it’s helped define Leyout’s offering

When Smart Docs was launched, Stefan pretty quickly canceled the documentation management integration that was slowing down his process and started using Pipedrive’s native feature.

“Of all Pipedrive’s customers, there’s no one who has tried more SaaS or CRMs than I have, and there’s nothing that is as comprehensive as Pipedrive, especially when it includes Smart Docs.”

“We tried everything,” reveals Stefan. “We used Hubspot for a while, we were pretty much bankrupted by them in the beginning. They added a lot of things and everything was supposed to work so fine and it was just a catastrophe, nothing was working.”

“Honestly, we’re so satisfied with this solution, it’s what I’ve been looking for. I can’t think of a better solution. What I’m saying is our efficiency is unmeasurable, you cannot even compare it”

When he started using Smart Docs, Stefan and his co-founder Malin had only just decided on Leyout’s new eCommerce niche after a year of preparation, pitching and testing (with the help of Pipedrive).

Smart Docs has not only helped them streamline their workflow, it’s also helped them to mold what their solution for customers has become.

“Pipedrive inspired us. It helped us realize what was possible. With the potential of Smart Docs, we could actually package the product in a way to make it more attractive and appear more professional to prospects.”

Smart Docs allows you to create custom document templates for your company using simple editing tools. When the template is ready, you can use it to create proposals, quotes, contracts and more for any of your Pipedrive deals with just one click.

Using your templates, you can generate a document for any of your deals in a matter of seconds. You can set up placeholders to pull in custom field data so that each template is unique to its corresponding deal.

Smart Docs helps you:

  • Make sure that your customer’s data is correct in important documents
  • Reduce repetitive work and prevent mistakes caused by copying and pasting
  • Maintain a familiar format throughout your document so prospects and customers know it’s from you

How Leyout is making the most of Smart Docs

When we talked to Stefan, he was still working to improve Leyout’s product, with the help of Pipedrive and Smart Docs.

He’s created sales order forms and pricing document templates which automatically pull contact information from the custom fields he’s created.

He’s also created a unique number for each deal in Pipedrive, which appears in the Smart Doc and enables Stefan to track who each form went to.

Stefan’s also a fan of his documents’ professional appearance in Smart Docs.

“I made this orange table, I think it looks sweet, it looks neat. This is the proof that Pipedrive works and I do actually manage everything in Pipedrive and Smart Docs.”

Smart Docs Basics is available to Advanced users while Professional and Enterprise users get access to the Smart Docs Pro. However, a Smart Docs Pro add-on, which will provide Advanced users access to eSignatures, Unbranded document options, as well as the ability to share documents and templates company-wide, is coming soon.

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