New Design for Detail Views

Back in December we announced a new design for detail views in Pipedrive. We’ve now further enhanced the design so if you haven’t done so yet, turn on the new design here.

Why change something that works?

We’re not big fans of changing things just for the sake of it. In this case we feel that the new detail views layout significantly improves the user experience i.e. gets you more useful information in less clicks. And the feedback we’ve gotten so far confirms that we’re on the right path.

As many of you have noticed, we’ve tested various solutions including 3 columns instead of 2 columns. We think the 2 column version we ended up with is a great combination of the best parts from the original detail views and the improvements in the new views.

Notes. Emails. Files. Progress. See everything in one place

The centerpiece of the new detail views is a chronological timeline that includes all the notes, activities, files and emails that are linked to a deal or a contact. The timeline also shows the more important things that have changed. It’s now possible to see all your linked items in one central place. However, it’s also possible to drill down to each category and only see your activities or files, or see a very detailed list of things that have been changed when needed.

2 column new deal detail views Pipedrive

We feel that it’s a much better way of showing the history of a deal or a contact since every item appears in the flow once in chronological order and most of the tiny little changes are hidden from view by default, so you only see what’s really important.

The new side panels give useful context

The new side panels contain more information about related items. You can always see the details of the connected organization in the person pages for example. So you no longer need to click on the name of the organization in the person view to see the mailing address or website address of the organization.

We’ve also moved some of the lists to the side panels which previously used to be hidden behind a tab. You can now see the list of people connected to an organization or the list of open deals linked to a person right there in the side panels without having to click a tab for it. If more info is needed, you can still click open a more detailed list view for each of these.

Pipedrive connected people new detail views

It’s easy to customize which fields are visible in the new side panels

Empty rows can be collapsed, so if you have a large number of custom fields that are often empty you can simply collapse them so you only see the relevant information. We’ve added an option though to keep some of these fields visible even if they’re empty so you can easily detect the important fields that need to be filled.

Editing fields one by one didn’t change much, but it’s easier to click the bigger Edit and Save buttons now. Editing all the fields at once became much better with the Edit all button right next to the fields.

NEW: add a profile picture to contacts

One of the most requested features for the “old” detail views has been the ability to upload a picture to the contact. It’s now possible to do this in the new person detail views. The picture also shows up in the new deal details if a person with a picture is linked to the deal.

Pipedrive profile image new detail views

The system can automatically pull in contact pictures from Gravatar and Google Contacts. Right now this happens when a contact is added or edited. A dedicated button for linking a picture to all existing contacts is coming soon along with other services to source pictures from.

The new detail view headers: the devil is in the details

The new and redesigned headers make it easier to perform the more common actions, such as changing the deal stage or updating the deal value. It’s now also possible to move a deal between pipelines from the header in a much more convenient way. Like everything else in the header section, the pipeline can be changed by simply clicking the name of the pipeline.

Faster and self-refreshing technology

At the end of last year we rebuilt the detail views from the ground up to be faster and smoother. Clicking on a deal in the pipeline view no longer means downloading an entire new web page. Just some of the content will change. This means that the navigation between different pages in Pipedrive will be faster.

The new pages are also able to change in real time. If you’re working in a deal and a co-worker leaves a note or changes something else about the deal, you’ll be able to see the changes without having to refresh the page.

Let us know your thoughts

If you’ve already opted in to activate the new detail views (or if you’ve joined Pipedrive in the last couple of months), you need to do nothing - you’ll have access to the new and improved detail views the next time you log in to Pipedrive.

If the deal, person or organization details look different to you than the above screenshot, you can turn on the new design here. Please note that other views of Pipedrive haven’t changed and that if you liked the “old” design of detail views better, you can continue using them. We will not add new features like profile photos to the “old” views and eventually would like all customers to use the new detail views, but no rush.

Let us know your thoughts about the new detail views either in comments below or via the “Help and feedback” section in the app.