How Increased Inbound Leads by 27% with Pipedrive’s Callmaker Integration Piperive Callmaker Integration case study uses Pipedrive to manage their sales efforts and turned to the Callmaker integration to convert more website visitors into inbound requests, instantly connect their sales team with best buyers, and log data.

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Starting customer conversations

When a potential client visits a website, has a question or wants to buy something, companies usually use a contact form to acquire these sales opportunities. But these tools make people wait for a contact from a couple of hours to multiple days. 

According to Harvard Business Review and InsideSales study, the odds of contacting a lead decrease by 10 times after the first 5 minutes of waiting. 

That’s why avoiding a delay is crucial for your sales pipeline.

This is a huge pain especially when you run inbound lead generation campaigns such as Adwords and Facebook.

How a Callmaker-Pipedrive integration helped:

With Callmaker, website visitors get an immediate phone connection with the company’s rep within 25 seconds, at the click of a button.

This means that appears open and available to talk on the phone - on any page of their website. 

The fact that is making the call allays users’ fears about potential cost or speaking to the wrong person.

Callmaker grabs the site visitor’s attention by using a picture of a rep with a catchy call-to-action and converts visitors into call requests. Then Callmaker automatically calls the sales department, calls back to a client and connects them into one line.

This helps get more inbound requests and convert them into a conversation with a sales rep. 

The sales team uses  Pipedrive to organize leads and customer information, and this is where the integration really benefits. 

All calls and user details are automatically logged in Pipedrive.

Conversion rates get a boost:’s sales funnel indicators grew immediately.

Using the Pipedrive and Callmaker integration, improved almost all stages of their pipeline:

  • The conversion rate from visitors to calls increased by 27%
  • The next conversion rate from calls to sales increased by 10-20%

The company also implemented changes to the website according to client feedback and got analytics on the sales conversion and high average check for different advertising channels.

"Pipedrive is like Professor X from X-men. From a distance, it looks simple, elegant and smart. But when you get a bit closer, you realize it's reading your mind." - Muhammad Younas, General Manager

What’s next for

“We plan to augment it by using tools to push more lead data collected on our marketing site e.g. visitor source, pages visited, complete conversion journeys.” - Muhammad Younas.

How the integration works

Once the two systems are connected and the Callmaker widget is embedded onto the website, the integration is good to go.

If a site visitor requests or schedules a call from the widget, Callmaker will call the sales rep and then call the visitor. 

Once both parties have connected, Callmaker will log the call related information into Pipedrive.

More specifically, Callmaker will create a new contact and deal based on the caller ID. 

A Call activity is also created that will contain the call info, a link to the call recording and details of the site visit (origin page, etc.).

If the sales team misses a request, there is no "lead" created and Callmaker will keep reminding the team about the missed opportunity via SMS and email notifications. The goal is to help your team to reconnect with the potential client. 

Only successful connections are logged in Pipedrive.

Pipedrive Callmaker Integration

Pipedrive automatically logs all callback activity. 

For answered or missed callback requests, an activity is created and associated with a contact. 

Besides, Callmaker creates new Pipedrive prospects from missed callback requests.

By automating such an important part of the customer journey, was able to attain huge gains in conversion. The integration removed a barrier for customers while making the salesperson’s life easier. 

Even if the initial contact failed, Callmaker will keep following up with your sales reps to ensure a follow-up.

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