Pipedrive Product Updates – Dec 2018 Roundup

Pipedrive Product Updates – Dec 2018 Roundup

The winter holidays are just around the corner, and our product teams have been busy wrapping up new Pipedrive features.

Whether you’re an existing Pipedrive user or you want to find out more about the top sales CRM, we’ve got a collection of exciting updates to share. 

You’ll find something to help you at each stage of your sales pipeline, with features including productivity boosters, tools for scaling and team management, and much more.

What’s new in Pipedrive?

Automated emails & tasks

You’ve just made progress on a call with a potential client. 

You have at least two follow-up tasks left before moving on to the next lead including: 

  1. Updating the deal in the CRM and 
  2. Sending a follow-up email

What if your CRM could send that follow-up email automatically for you? 

Pipedrive can. 😉

Meet Workflow automation. Designed to save you precious time for more valuable conversations, you can automate repetitive sales tasks (like sending personalized emails) whenever you move a deal to a new stage in the pipeline.

Available on: Gold and Platinum plans

Personalized email templates

Sending the perfect follow-up email demands a level of sales artistry. But when you’re sending follow-ups to several contacts in one go using an email template – you need to personalize your message to give yourself a better chance of your leads reading and reacting.

Pipedrive’s email templates now come equipped with merge fields. This new addition allows you to pre-populate your emails with personalized information about your leads and the deals associated with them.

Now you can also attach files and embed images straight into the template. Once your templates are ready, you also have the option to share them with other Pipedrive users on your account.

Available on: Gold and Platinum plans

Team management & goals

In case you missed it, we recently launched our new and improved Platinum plan with a collection of new features built and optimized for scaling sales teams.

Sales managers can now use Pipedrive to organize their salespeople by teams and gain crucial insights into their activities and performance against set goals.

On the topic of goals – you’ll notice that Reports and Dashboard are now nested under Progress. 

From here, you can set sales goals not only for your teams, but also for individual sales reps, and for your entire company.

You can choose from a range of goal types related to your deals and activities in Pipedrive. 

For example – you can set quarterly revenue targets for individual sales reps. Or, you could assign an entire team weekly targets for number of calls made.

Once your desired sales goals are set, you can follow their progress in Reports or in the real-time dashboard view.

Available on: Platinum (Teams & team goals), All plans (company & user goals)

Advanced permissions & visibility controls

As your company grows, the challenge of controlling access to your sales data across the organization gets more and more complicated.

Bigger companies need to onboard a host of teams (sometimes even entire departments) to their sales tool. As more folks gain access to the CRM, you're likely to have more instances where access or visibility rights need to be restricted to certain types of people.

With our new, advanced permissions sets, you can group people by user types and specify what they can see and do in Pipedrive.

And if you want your sales teams to truly focus on information most relevant to them, visibility groups let you fine-tune which deals, contacts and inventory items can be seen by anyone outside of that team.

Managing sensitive deals and contacts with discretion is no longer a hassle – regardless of your organization’s size. With Pipedrive Platinum, you won't need to worry about someone accidentally seeing (or worse, deleting) something they shouldn’t have access to.

Available on: All plans (default permission sets), Gold (third custom permission set), Platinum (unlimited, custom permission sets & visibility groups)

Important fields

An accurate picture of your sales pipeline will allow you to make fast, informed decisions to course correct and optimize your sales process. But an accurate snapshot of performance demands high quality, error-free data. 

To generate the level of quality data needed to make decisions about how to grow your business – your CRM needs be kept up to date. Consistently.

But sales pros have busy schedules. Calls and meetings take priority. Often there's not much time left over to actually update their CRM. 

The result? 

Entries in your pipeline with incomplete information. But if the value of a deal or the name of a primary contact is left out of your CRM, there could be expensive consequences.

Sales managers using Pipedrive can now remind salespeople to enter mandatory data with Important fields. You can highlight incomplete, must-have fields with a visual prompt that disappears once the essential data is entered.

Available on: Gold and Platinum plans

Lead labels

Visual cues provide the support needed to help salespeople deal with a daunting list of contactsand sort through the noise. 

So many of our customers are handling enormous leads lists daily. We realized that a small change would make a world of difference to how you are able to prioritize your contacts in Pipedrive.

You can now tag your leads with colorful labels, making it super easy for you to group your contacts on the fly and to narrow down your focus to the highest priorities.

Available on: all plans

Mobile app updates

The Pipedrive mobile app – available on Android and iOS – has been supercharged with some unmissable updates.

Along with a beautiful and easily navigable interface, the app now also houses your synced Pipedrive sales inbox, enabling traveling sales pros to read conversations on the go.

But the most awesome update lands in your palm in the form of Focus view – the app’s all-new homepage. The new view highlights all the tasks, emails and deals you should be turning your attention to next.

What’s more, you can increase your productivity tenfold with these three new capabilities: 

  • linking emails to deals with simple swipe gestures straight from your inbox
  • zoom in on warmer leads by filtering out less important threads 
  • browse and select from your saved email templates

Keeping your day organized as a salesperson is easier than ever with the Pipedrive mobile app.

Available on: all plans – Download for Android / Download for iOS

Webhooks (for regular users)

Our customers regularly use other software services to supplement their company’s tech stack and to communicate with their Pipedrive account.

But if a direct integration between a tool and Pipedrive doesn’t yet exist, you can set up webhooks (a powerful sync feature) to trigger actions based on a variety of changes in your Pipedrive sales pipeline. 

Here are some of the ways you can use webhooks:

  • When a deal reaches a certain stage, a webhook can trigger the creation of a new proposal in your proposal management software
  • When a deal is lost, webhooks can add the contact to an email list in your external email marketing tool for further nurturing
  • Trigger updates in your Pipedrive product catalog to an ERP (enterprise resource planning) or manufacturing software
  • When a deal is won, a webhook can create a project (or task) in your project management tool

To help your company’s sales activities integrate with other business-critical tools, we have now made webhooks available to all users – admins and regular users alike.

Available on: all plans

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