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Ilustration toolkit

Google Slides decks are for internal and external use

  • As shown in the templates, use the Source Sans Pro font in Regular, Light or Bold only; don’t use italics
  • The title slide should be written in UPPERCASE
  • Use the colors provided in the templates
  • Feel free to use backgrounds colors aside from dark, light gray and white for title and subtitle slides, but choose one background color for content slides and stick to it
  • Select slides with or without a logo depending on the context
  • Here’s an example of how the templates can be used
  • Important: Please access the link with your Pipedrive email account and make a copy of the templates, then click on the + icon to see all the slide options
How to import themes into Slides:
  1. Create a new Slides presentation in Google Drive
  2. Go to Slides > Change Theme
  3. Under the Theme sidebar, click Import Theme

  4. Select any Pipedrive theme & apply it to your presentatio

You can also import templates to PowerPoint:
  1. Go to and select a suitable Pipedrive template from the top
  2. Click on File > Download as pptx and then open the downloaded file with PowerPoint. The template style will be applied.
Brandbook-assets- presentations | Pipedrive
Brandbook-assets- presentations