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Purpose, mission, vision
General brand rules
Tone of voice


  • Use color intuitively. Red means stop and green means go.
  • Use the primary and secondary colors from our color palette
  • Color guidelines are defined in more detail in individual cases


  • Use green as much as possible, but avoid contradicting the CTA buttons on web
  • Use black, gray and white for backgrounds
  • Always use black and white for text, unless you’re highlighting keywords or headlines
  • Use the secondary color palette to highlight and add emphasis
  • Use “Note” for notes and comments; think of like a Post-it Note color
  • Use sRGB for web
  • For printing, use fogra39 (for coated paper) or fogra29 (for uncoated paper)


  • Use the secondary color palette on its own, i.e., without at least one primary palette color
  • Add texture to our colors

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Colors guidelines

Brandbook-brand- color | Pipedrive
Brandbook-brand- color