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Who we are. What we do. Why we do it. Who we do it for.

Selling is the lifeblood of every single person, business and economy in the world.
  • Products and services, dreams and ideas, opportunities and individuals. All need to be sold to somebody, somewhere. 
  • Whether growing the economy, gaining market share, securing a job or  getting a date. Our success is predicated on our ability to sell.
  • Most don’t realise it, recognise it, or accept it, but the truth is simple.
Selling is existential. “I sell, therefore I am.”
  • Those who sell survive.  
  • Those who sell well thrive. 
  • The rest have to learn or lose, refine or flatline, develop or die.
  • So if sales is everything, why does it have the reputation of being selfish and superficial, manipulative and mercenary, tedious and tiresome?
  • Because what most people think of as selling, is not selling at all. 
Selling is not:
  • An art, magic or a black box.  A sharp suit or a silver  tongue. False promises or  first-call closing. Charismatic harassment or calculated deception. Exploiting emotions, cognitive biases or circumstances. Spreadsheet slavery or admin anxiety. Aggressively waiting for the phone to ring. Taking 30 coffee meetings in a day. 
  • These are the characteristics of a caricature. The myths  that have created bad salespeople, bad practices and bad experiences. The stereotypes that are causing the death of the salesman.  Today’s buyer is increasingly sophisticated and educated. They know more, expect more, demand more and tolerate less. 
  • So, for salespeople to survive, they have to be highly evolved. And to do that, they must know what selling really is.
Selling is:
  • A results business. Full stop. So get used to it. The difference between growing big or going home. A brutal reality of objections, denials, and closed doors. Messy, bloody, painful and noisy. Being under the gun, in over your head, but on top of your game. Fearless focus on progress. Getting a quick ‘no’ so you can close on the next ‘yes’. Treating time as the most precious resource. Showing commitment, making connections and having conviction. Demonstrating patience, persistence and process. It’s never easy, never ending, and never dull. It’s hard as hell and beautiful when done well. And that’s exactly how we like it. 
  • Because selling is in our DNA. We’ve lived and breathed it for decades. We’ve gone door-to-door, smiled and dialled, coached and consulted.
  • We’ve helped thousands  
    of clients manage millions  of leads, and close deals  worth billions. We’ve seen what works, what doesn’t, and why.  Now we want to arm salespeople with that knowledge. 
  • The ones on the front line  every day. That hit the pavement, when others hit snooze. That make the call when others make excuses. The ones who care more  about their prospects than  their image. Who recognise the dignity of their work and genuinely want to help. The ones that champion ways for people to do things better, with better things, so that they can live better lives.
  • For too long they’ve been undervalued, underserved and misunderstood. We won’t let that continue. 
  • Because we believe in selling, salespeople and their role in the world. And our purpose is to  make selling beautiful and salespeople unstoppable. 

That’s why we started Pipedrive.

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