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We make salespeople unstoppable

A light-touch sales platform built for minimum input and maximum output.

Incredibly easy to use. Interactive UI design. Utilizes visuals to move deals down the pipeline. Extremely customizable. Simple, yet elegant. Very useful and important. Helps me in figuring out my day's work and when my deadlines are in a very direct manner. I don't have to fiddle around to figure things out, it's so user-friendly. Makes my work more efficient. Speeds up my processes. Keeps me organized.
- Bona CoKehyeng, Ekohe

We believe power comes from simplicity

So we’ve designed and refined every element to zero-in and double down on actions that drive deals to close.

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Stop wasting time on admin

Your emails, calls, and progress are tracked automatically. Pipedrive clears the way, so you can concentrate on doing what you do best.

One tool, one process

When firing up Pipedrive, you’ll always land on a single, streamlined view of your sales process. It gives clarity, and gets your team on the same page.

Know what to work on

Pipedrive focuses your mind on the pipeline and shuffles deals with due activities to the top, so you can see where you are and what you need to do next.

Over 3,000 reviews & ratings

Highly rated by thousands of customers all over the world

Set up in under 2 minutes. From $12 per month including support.

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What makes us different

Visual sales pipeline

Rich visual indicators show you where to focus and what actions are needed to close more sales.

Follow up consistently

Nothing falls through the cracks with our activity reminder emails, mobile notifications and alerts.

Send, receive and track emails

Handle all your sales conversations in one place; see who opened your emails and save time with using templates.

Top-rated iOS and Android apps

Our apps let you log calls made to your sales contacts and see where they are in the neighbourhood.

Easy to set up

Pipedrive is rated the easiest sales tool to implement by the leading software review site, G2Crowd.

Customize everything

From pipeline stages to custom fields, set Pipedrive up to fit your sales process, not the other way around.

Connect Pipedrive with 100+ apps & add-ons

Want to connect Pipedrive with other software? Solve it with our open API.

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CRM For Sales Teams | Pipedrive
CRM For Sales Teams | Pipedrive