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The key to driving deals to close is understanding your sales cycle. By identifying the unique steps of your selling process, you’ll be able to spot roadblocks and be an unstoppable selling force.

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What is a sales cycle and why is it important?

A sales cycle is a series of predictable phases you need to go through to sell a product or a service. Sales cycles can vary depending on your industry, products, and services, but many salespeople are discouraged by the fact that it’s tough to define when no sale is the same.

While you may not be able to define a path that works for every single deal, you can identify a pattern of steps and stages. Doing this not only improves sales efficiency, but speeds up the process of onboarding new sales hires and ultimately boosts your numbers.

Identifying the right sales cycle for your business

Although all sales cycles vary, most include some or all of the following elements:

Close a sale

In this phase, you will have to drive the deal to close, and get the prospect’s signature on that dotted line. Mastering the different techniques for closing takes both training and experience.

Manage objections

Understanding the possible objections like price and timing, as well as equipping your sales team to handle them appropriately, will boost your win rate and speed up your sales process.

Present offer

At this critical phase, you need to present your offering as a solution to your prospect’s needs. Tailor your proposal in line with the info you gathered in the previous phases of the sales cycle.

Identify needs

You can only know whether your product is a good fit if you truly understand your prospect’s needs. Equip your team with the questions and resources they need to get the right data.

Initiate contact

Depending on the industry, the first contact is done via call, email, or even old-school post. Offering help, support, and information is more likely to be successful at this stage than a hard sell.


Finding new prospects to fill your pipeline is a vital first step. A good start prospecting is to define what a good prospect is for your business and think of the best way to approach them.

Repeat sales and collect referrals

Keeping in touch with leads and converted clients is the key to closing more, and ensuring repeat sales.. This will not only keep your clients happy, but can get you referrals for new leads to drive through your sales cycle.

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Four tips to improve your sales processes

Look at your most consistent salespeople and analyze what they do. Record their activities and turn their techniques into an actionable and repeatable process for the rest of the team.

Sales team

Define your unique sales cycle to keep track of deals. For each of the phases, create easily accessible templates, checklists, and questions that your sales reps could use.

Build a cycle

Always set targets for the number of deals you want to have at each stage of the sales process, and at any time. Don’t forget to track the figures meticulously and tweak these goals if needed.

Set goals

Also set goals for how long a deal should stay at a sales cycle stage. If you see that a deal has no activity for longer than a certain period, immediately follow up to make sure the deal doesn’t fall through the cracks.

Always on top

Keep it simple, use sales cycle management software

Manually measuring all these phases may be easy, but it adds to the pile of time consuming admin work. Regularly gathering the data, tracking goals, and sending activity reminders is luckily something that sales cycle software like Pipedrive is more than capable of doing.

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