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Pipechimp syncs your contact persons with custom field data to MailChimp and brings contact persons' activities back to Pipedrive as notes and new deals. Your Pipedrive and MailChimp will work together as one sales machine. With Pipechimp you can react instantly when your clients and prospects are interested and ready to buy.


Plecto is a team motivation software that visualizes real-time sales data from Pipedrive. With Plecto, users can customize dashboards; recognize success with automated “win” notifications, milestone achievements and sales leaderboards; and energize their team to boost performance.


Kixie is a phone service for sales teams featuring a two-way Pipedrive integration. Level-up your sales process with one-click dialing, automatic call logging, lifetime call recordings, and intuitive sales metrics inside Pipedrive. Start making local or international calls in under 3 minutes.


Pipedrive users can send, track and eSign all sales and business documents with GetAccept. Accelerate the close and engage the recipient with a personalized video introduction and use the built-in live chat to keep the conversation going from initial pitch to won deal.


Leadfeeder connects with Google Analytics to show you companies that visit your website. Convert these visits into Pipedrive deals automatically and get updates about their website visits.


Synchronize Toky with Pipedrive for a web-based business phone solution that supports web calls, Facebook calls and regular phone calls. Create tickets with call events (outbound, inbound, missed, voicemail, SMS) attached to the contacts and deals.

Apps by Pipedrive

Google Maps

The Google Maps integration helps you plan your routes without ever having to leave the Pipedrive app. Filtering allows you to easily segment customers by city, state or country.


The Pipedrive Power-Up automatically creates Trello cards when you start, close or move a deal to a selected stage in your sales pipeline. It also lets you pull deal information straight into Trello from Pipedrive, ensuring automatic and faultless information handover between sales and the rest of your organization.


Creates an Asana task or project automatically when you start, close or move a deal to a selected stage in your sales pipeline. The seamless integration ensures an effortless flow of information between sales and other divisions of your organization.


Keep yourself and team up-to-date without having to schedule meetings or write lengthy emails or hunting down the sales rep. Search Pipedrive contacts, organizations and deals without leaving Slack.

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