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Pipedrive is full of features that help you prioritize deals, track performance and predict revenue

Customer relationship management (CRM) software in 60 seconds

How a CRM tool improves your sales

An upgrade from spreadsheets

Move your deals forward in a drag ‘n drop sales pipeline. Tools like calendar, email sync and contact management are intuitive and easy-to-use for everyone in your team.

Leave spreadsheets behind and make your team happy with Pipedrive.

Know what to focus on

Never forget to follow up again. Add next steps to opportunities in Pipedrive – like calls, lunches and emails – and get reminders to do them. 

Pipedrive breaks down your big goals into actionable steps so you can reach them and grow your business.

Stay two steps ahead

Pipedrive is full of features that help you prioritize deals, track performance and predict revenue.

Real-time reports and customizable dashboards let you gather insights to improve and boost your sales.

Have a spreadsheet full of customer data?

It’s a piece of cake to get it into Pipedrive with our first-in-class importing tool.

Used by over 95,000 companies in 179 countries

As a long time user of SFDC and other CRMs, I love the simplicity and intuitive nature of Pipedrive. My favorite feature is the automated pop-up forcing the next step.

Ryan RobertsFounder & CEO, Bustld, LLC
Ryan Roberts

Pipedrive mixes features and design that allows our team to streamline our operations. It was very easy to get up and running with Pipedrive compared to SalesForce.

Michael LiedtkeEngineering Manager,
Michael Liedtke

Having a powerful CRM tool such as Pipedrive in our arsenal has been essential to the success of our sales team. With its easy-to-use and well-designed interface, it definitely keeps us organized and on track!

Kristel KruustükFounder & Chief Testing Officer, Testlio
Kristel Kruustük

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