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How to use Pipedrive in 4 steps

1. Set up your pipeline stages

Your pipeline is a visual representation of your sales process. It’s totally customizable to fit how you work. Name the stages based on the steps you take deals through to close, or choose a template. Now you’re ready to fill it with deals.

2. Focus on sales actions

Instead of thinking about the finish line – the sale – focus on the actions that get you there. A sales activity is anything that moves your deals toward closing. It can be a phone call, lunch, meeting, email or anything in between. Schedule plenty of activities and let Pipedrive remind you what to do next.

3. Track progress towards goals

As you do activities and drive deals forward, Pipedrive monitors your performance like a coach. It calculates your average conversion rate so you know how many new leads to get and activities to complete to meet your targets. Real time reports show if you’re on track, giving you time to adjust course if needed.

4. Optimize and grow

Pipedrive’s easy analytics get your sales process down to a science. No more shutting your eyes and hoping for the best. Automations do admin tasks for you, while integrations with your favorite tools save you time. All that’s left is to refine your winning formula and set even bigger goals.

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WFWes F.
Overall, I am a forever-user of Pipedrive. The value of the product supremely outweighs the amount required to pay monthly. And with such an active development team, it is always exciting to see what is rolling out each couple of weeks! Pipedrive has evolved from a "light" CRM to a full-features CRM with a light feel. It is an excellent CRM tool.
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PLPeter L.
Very happy so far with Pipedrive - agonised initially about using it because of weaker marketing automation features and 1000 email limit on emails, but still its quick and easy to use and less 'how do you do that' than any of the other five or so CRM's we experimented with.
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JMJustin M.
Pipedrive is a super easy-to-use, customizable CRM alternative for those of us in tech, creative industries, or just anyone that hates clunky, ugly, overly complex platforms like Salesforce. Sets up in seconds, there's a great iOS app, and it's actually a pleasure to use. Quick and easy.
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KLKrishna L.
Pipedrive has been an overall success for our small team's use case, however we have other CRM installations that require a lot more personnel to administer. As a result of Pipedrive's enhanced exposure in our transactions, we saw an increase in sales.
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SBSara B.
There are a ton of highlights that are accessible. The combination of Pipedrive and other applications makes it an extraordinary CRM and monitors correspondence.
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CJChristopher J.
Pipedrive is by far my favorite CRM after extensively reviewing over a dozen of them. I recommend it to all of my clients because of how versatile it is with third party integrations.
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FSFoster S.
It helps me keep track of ongoing interaction with my prospect and allows me to create personalized message through email for my prospects.
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This is by far one of the best CRM’s I’ve ever used. Have used HubSpot and many others, which were a lot less user-friendly and way more expensive.
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Timo ReinCo-founder