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Pipedrive AI helps you save time, improve performance and make smarter decisions for your sales workflow.

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Our AI CRM features

Our AI-powered CRM software features a selection of AI tools to take the manual work out of sales, simplify communication and effortlessly close more deals.

Stay one step ahead with your own personal assistant

Pipedrive's AI Sales Assistant boosts efficiency by saving time, identifying patterns and recommending high-potential deals and next actions to prioritize. Gain actionable insights and streamline processes with intelligent automation, focusing on what matters most.

Available on Professional plan and above

Streamline communication with our AI email generator

Pipedrive's AI email creation tool crafts quick, personalized emails from simple prompts, saving you time and enhancing communication. This boosts efficiency and response rates, aiding faster deal conclusions and inspiring your leads to convert.

Available on Professional plan and above


Summarize your emails with AI to save valuable time

Pipedrive's AI email summarization tool condenses emails into brief summaries, letting you quickly grasp the essentials, save time and reduce overload. This enhances decision-making, inbox management and boosts productivity.

Available on Professional plan and above

Get smart integration recommendations to boost your CRM

Get tailored AI app recommendations for the unique needs of your business, optimizing your use of our CRM platform. Enjoy enhanced efficiency and streamlined workflows, and ensure you're using the best tools for peak performance.

Available on all plans

AI-powered marketplace search

Powered by OpenAI, our intelligent search tool enables you and your salespeople to use natural language to find relevant third-party tools in our marketplace, effortlessly solving your business problems. Once it’s easy to find the right apps, you can look forward to streamlined sales processes, time saved and more revenue.

Available on all plans


AI deal summarization

AI deal summarization allows you to generate deal status summaries. Powered by OpenAI, this feature provides an overview of deal interactions and quick context, empowering you and your team to take prompt actions.

It’s currently in beta and only available to a limited number of users on our Professional plan and above.

To enable this feature for your company, you’ll need to accept the Pipedrive AI Beta Terms of Service. Once accepted, all users in your company will have access to the feature.

The feature will be visible in Pipedrive’s deal detail view.

Apply for Beta

What to look for in an AI CRM

Here are some key features an AI for CRM should offer:

  • A CRM that grows with your business. Customer relationship management with AI will be able to efficiently manage growing volumes of data, users and expanding processes without sacrificing performance, functionality or security.
  • Seamless integration. AI in CRM should offer intelligent third-party app integration, so you and your sales team can combine all your tools into one streamlined dashboard.
  • Comprehensive support. Pipedrive offers a variety of support channels, from phone to email and online chat. Get round-the-clock, real-time customer support that’ll enhance your customer experience.
  • Robust security measures. Your CRM platform should protect product and deal information with straightforward permission and visibility settings.
  • Mobile access. Complete tasks, schedule appointments, reply to emails and more from anywhere using Android and iOS mobile apps.
  • Team management. Your AI-equipped CRM machine should offer a host of features to streamline team management, assign the right tasks to the right people and monitor your team members’ performance and progress.


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