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Ocean.io is a customer acquisition platform that supports you in scaling your B2B SaaS business.

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Customer segmentation done right can truly drive the growth of your business, but you need to utilize the right CRM data analysis. Ocean.io introduces a different and new approach to account-based marketing. It uses your CRM data and enhances it with our proprietary data and AI. That way, we effectively cluster your accounts and generate perfectly segmented B2B lookalike audiences.

No matter if your organization is leaning heavily on sales or marketing, cold outreach, email automation, PPC or PPM, Ocean.io is the right partner for you.

Our favorite features:

  • Analyze customer data from your CRM or .csv file
  • AI-driven customer segmentation
  • Find new companies like your best performing segments
  • Export your leads back to your CRM system
  • Export B2B lookalike audiences to your preferred marketing channel

Why integrate Ocean.io with Pipedrive?

-> Quickly integrate Ocean.io with Pipedrive to enable our AI-driven customer segmentation. This integration allows Ocean.io to pull your accounts’ websites and run CRM data analysis to identify your best-performing segments. Using this data, we’ll identify the best new accounts to reach through your sales and marketing efforts. -> Easily export newly identified target accounts to Pipedrive.

Installation instructions

Welcome to the Ocean.io and Pipedrive integration!

If you are an existing Ocean.io user, you first have to install the Ocean.io integration here and authenticate it. You will then be redirected to your Ocean.io’s settings page, where you have to scroll over to “Integrations” and go through our setup wizard. You will be asked to quickly map out which fields you want data sent over to and you’ll be on your way to more efficient prospecting.

Non-users will need to sign up with Ocean.io to integrate the program with Pipedrive.

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