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With Pipedrive Marketplace, you can integrate the most relevant tools for your business and easily manage your entire revenue cycle. Identify the areas in your revenue lifecycle you need help with, choose a dedicated integration and let it take care of the rest. You can also explore our smart recommendations and discover tools to drive your growth.

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Start integrating tools into your workflow

Pipedrive Marketplace has a range of tools to help you prioritize tasks, track performance and predict revenue.

1. Identify roadblocks in your revenue cycle

Which tasks in your revenue cycle take up most of your time? How would you like to make your work more efficient?

2. Explore tools in Marketplace

Get smart recommendations for tools tailored to fit your needs or browse Marketplace categories.

3. Integrate tools to Pipedrive

Follow the installation steps to easily connect your favorite tools. We use an authorization flow to guarantee the safety of your data.

4. Set permissions and restrictions

We want your data to be safe. You can specify which users see the data used by an external tool, and set permissions and restrictions in user groups or accessible data.

5. Use the tools in your workflow

Connect with tools already present in your workflow to help boost your team’s productivity and easily sync all data.

6. Give feedback

Provide feedback or suggestions on our apps and integrations to help us improve further.

Marketplace user guide

Get our free Marketplace navigation guide and learn how to navigate Marketplace, explore offerings and select the best tools for all stages of your revenue lifecycle.

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Loved by over 45,000 sales teams around the world

Thanks to the integrations that Pipedrive provides and the 100% customizable features, we are now very quick in calling our customers and following up. We manage to follow up on more leads and customers than before, but without having had to raise the number of employees.
J'achète en Espagne
Thomas Rouer,J'achète en Espagne
We have a few integrations that are wildly helpful and save me time. By integrating Zapier and Pipedrive, I can create a partnership agreement and send it to the company partner all in Pipedrive’s interface, instead of going to PandaDoc and manually typing in everything – I just have to click and drag through Pipelines, so that’s really helpful.
Angela Koukoulas,Forge
Pipedrive is the best tool I’ve ever found! From email tracking to workflow automations and game-changing integrations, Pipedrive has plenty of features that help us go beyond our sales targets.
Nirmal Web Studio
Nirmal Gyanwali,Nirmal Web Studio

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Get the ideal tools for each stage of your revenue cycle

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Recommended tools for you

Get smart app recommendations based on your location, industry type, and other factors. Expand your tech stack with the right, revenue driving tools.

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