Selling & Scaling

Selling is hard. Scaling fast is a monumental challenge. We want to help you with both. Our sales education library is crammed full of how-to articles, step-by-step guides, and expert advice from sales leaders to help you sell and scale fast.

Consultative Selling
Consultative Selling: How to Build Deeper Prospect Relationships
Why should you practice consultative selling instead of product-based selling? It’s all about relationships. Building lasting, meaningful relationships with your customers is the best way for your company to survive in the competitive sales industry. Read our in-depth guide to master consultative selling.
The BlackTies case study
How The BlackTies Magically Increased Revenue by 120% with Pipedrive
High-end modern magicians The BlackTies have cast a spell over audiences in Sydney and Australia with their clever close-up tricks and incredible sleight of hand. However, before they got a proper CRM process in place, they were struggling to keep up with demand and many event opportunities were slipping through their fingers.
Marketplace App Spotlight August 2019
Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: August 2019
Integrate one of these Marketplace apps with Pipedrive to automate your sales process and improve your selling technique: CallHippo, Ciara, Mailshake and PieSync. Read our monthly apps spotlight to find out how they could each help your business.
Sales Lead Generation
Sales Lead Generation: Tools and Techniques to Power Up Your Pipeline
Seven great ways to generate leads for your sales teams and the tools that can help you do it. We share the techniques and apps that can help you optimize your sales funnel and motivate your team
lead generation software
Lead Generation Software: When to Use It and When to Avoid It
The wrong sales software will slow your sales team down; the ideal one will cut hours of admin work and make them fly through their day with ease. In this guide, we’re diving into the ins and outs of using lead generation software to help your sales team hit their quota efficiently and consistently.
B2B lead gen
B2B Lead Generation: Choosing the Best Online Business Leads to Work On
This guide will show you how to get good prioritization habits in place so you feel comfortable in handing over control to your team, knowing that everyone is working on the best online business leads for your B2B Lead Gen strategy.
AI Bots People Sales Process
Sales AI: How to Use a Mix of Bots and Humans in Your Sales Process
If you’re thinking of introducing bots into your workflow, our message is simple: the time is now. When we start to think of computerized tech as a sidekick rather than a replacement, we take the first step towards tapping into their incredible sales-boosting potential
Automate sales task
When (and When Not) to Automate Sales Tasks
Automation can help businesses to optimize success and streamline workflows, but each individual brand needs to consider their own values and services to establish which tasks should be automated, and which shouldn’t. In this practical guide, we’ll try to make the decision a little easier for you.
Sales metrics
Sales Metrics: What Are the Most Important Measurements and Why?
Every good salesperson knows that, although selling is about more than just metrics, the right data, used in the right way, always has a positive effect on performance and results. We asked some experts what sales metrics they think are the most important in the industry.