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Sales and sales tax calculator

Use our sales calculator to find out exactly how many activities you need to complete to earn the income you want. Our sales tax calculator will help you understand how much sales tax should be paid in each US state.

Sales calculator

How much income do you want to earn each month from commission?

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Tax calculator

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How Pipedrive helps you calculate sales

As a salesperson, your goal is to meet your sales target. To do that, you must accurately calculate your earnings. But how is sales calculated, and can you factor in all the criteria without being a mathematical genius? With Pipedrive’s pipeline management, Insights and reports features, you can predict your closing rates, calculate estimated revenue and see the sales that require your attention at a glance.

How to calculate total revenue

Your total revenue is the total income of all your activities across all channels. This metric is key to understanding how to price your goods and services.

Don’t worry, though. You don’t need a total revenue calculator to crunch those numbers. Instead, use the following formula:

| Price x sold units or service = your total revenue

Pipedrive’s sales calculator and sales tax percentage calculator give you an insight into how many prospects you need to contact and how much you need to earn to hit your mark.

The sales calculator even breaks down the results into required activities: phone calls, proposals and meetings.

4 examples of how sales is calculated

Depending on the industry you work in and what you sell, sales and sales revenue can be calculated differently.

Here are some examples of how sales can be calculated.

  • Real estate

    If you’re selling properties, you’re likely earning a commission on the ones you sell. If you work on commission, your revenue can be calculated like this:

    | Sale price x commission percentage ÷ 100 = revenue

  • Technology

    If you’re selling hardware, customers are likely to acquire your products as one-off purchases. However, you may be a SaaS (software as a service) company, selling subscriptions to a solution. In that case, your sales calculation could look like this:

    | Cost of solution x subscription length in months = revenue

  • Finance

    Like real estate agents, financial advisors often earn commission – charging fees based on the performance of their customers’ assets. So, if you recommend a lucrative investment opportunity, you also get the benefits. A financial advisor’s revenue formula will look something like this:

    | Asset value x commission percentage ÷ 100 = revenue

  • Law

    Some professionals, including lawyers and tradespeople, charge fees based on the hours they’ve worked. Here’s their sales calculation formula:

    | Hours worked x hourly rate = revenue

How sales tax is calculated in the US and rest of the world

Sales tax is a fee that most businesses must pay to their state or municipality on top of their earnings, which they pass to the customer at the point of sale.

Calculating sales tax can be complex because the rate depends on your location and what product or service you’re selling. In the UK, for example, sales tax is 20% across all regions, whereas in the US, sales tax varies between states.

No matter which state your business is operating in, the formula for calculating sales tax will be the same: product selling price x sales tax percentage.

Get your free sales tax guide

Not sure how to calculate total revenue? Our free sales tax guide will walk you through the process, starting from when revenue is recognized. You’ll learn how to take sales tax into account, so you can determine and reach your concrete sales goals.

Sales calculator FAQs

  • How to calculate sales revenue

    Use our home sales calculator, to estimate your business healths by calculating its return on sales, or ROS. You can also use a business sales tax calculator or refer to the ROS formula.

  • How to find total revenue

    Luckily, you don’t need to look for a sales tax calculator online to find your total revenue. All you need is the following formula:

    | Price x sold units or service = your total revenue

  • When is revenue recognized?

    Revenue is recognized when it’s realized and an event has occurred. For example, if goods or services were provided or delivered to the customer by the provider.

  • How is sales calculated?

    As mentioned above, calculating your sales revenue is the baseline of every salesperson’s sales strategy. Your sales activities and pricing heavily rely on it, and it’s important to get it right. Luckily, the net sales calculator formula is simple:

    | Sold units/services x average price per each = sales revenue

    Once you determine your sales revenue, you can enter it and other metrics into a sales tax and discount calculator. Use the results to follow through with more complex actions, like pricing discounted services and calculating tax for various products in specific countries or states.

  • How to calculate sales tax

    It’s important to know how to calculate sales tax percentage from your sales total, but it’s even more important to get the numbers right. Use a sales tax converter, like Pipedrive’s calculator, to turn your metrics into clear insights, like the sales tax to add to your price.

  • How to add sales tax on a calculator

    If you’re wondering, “How do I calculate sales tax on a calculator?” and are living in the states, read our article on how sales tax is calculated.

    Otherwise, find out your local sales tax, multiply it by your product or service price, and you get the sales tax you need to add at the point of sale.

    For example, if your local sales tax is 20%, do this calculation:

    | Price x 1.2 = value including sales tax