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Download the free Sales Pipeline Course Ebook

In the Sales Pipeline Course, Timo Rein, co-founder of Pipedrive, teaches you how to make more sales with exclusive advice and insights in 11 valuable lessons. Get ready to take your sales results to the next level with this step-by-step pipeline training.

This Ebook will teach you:

  1. A rock-solid process that is proven to generate more deals
  2. Actionable steps to optimize your sales pipeline and keep it healthy
  3. The mindset you need to close bigger deals at a faster pace
  4. Time management techniques to work smarter, not harder
  5. Sales logic that is sure to boost your conversion rate and revenue

What you get with the Sales Pipeline Course

Expert pipeline training inside a free 50-page ebook

Free 2-week email course proven to grow your sales

40+ years of sales expertise condensed into practical advice

The tools you need to become a world-class salesperson

Over 8,000 salespeople have joined the course

Absolutely informative and ACTIONABLE guide in improving your sales. We are going to implement it right away for WebNamaste. Timo, you rock.
RKRadakrishnan K.Founder & Director, Webnamaste
Serious about sales? Pipeline management is key. Hit up Sales Pipeline Course. Love your 11-step course.
TSTomm S.Strategic Account Executive, Act-On Software

Who needs this Ebook?

  • Established sales reps who want to outperform their old numbers
  • Senior execs who want to enhance the sales culture company-wide
  • Seasoned pros in other fields retraining into sales
  • Sales managers who need to get the most out of their team
  • Aspiring salespeople looking to smash through every target at their first job
  • Anybody with an interest in the psychology of selling

Meet the brains behind the magic

Timo Rein

Pipedrive Founder

Hailing from Estonia, Timo started out selling educational books door-to-door as a college student. His performance landed him in the top 1% of his 4000-strong team — and that was only the beginning.

Today, he’s one of the founders of Pipedrive, but those crucial early sales experiences shaped his vision of what it means to truly sell effectively. By co-creating this eBook, he’s imparting everything he has learned in his long career in as actionable a way as possible.

Urmas Purde

Pipedrive Founder

A fellow co-founder of Pipedrive, Urmas Purde has worked with too many companies to name throughout his sales career, with some of the biggest names including Coca-Cola and Toyota.

One of the most important strings to Purde’s bow is his extensive experience in training salespeople, a skill he has brought to bear with huge corporations across the world. In co-authoring the Pipedrive Sales Pipeline Course, he’s drawing on all that experience to help you train yourself with knowledge from one of the world’s very best.

What you’ll be able to do after reading this course

Sell like never before

You’ll learn a lot of new things, but at the end of the day, they’ll all combine to help you do one thing: sell. With all these new techniques, you’ll be selling more effectively, more passionately, and more efficiently than ever before. Get ready for a whole new professional experience.

Unlock your selling potential

Learn how to navigate the ‘four levers of pipeline flow’ which covers the cornerstones of a healthy pipeline, from prospecting habits to conversion tips. You’ll soon realize that all it takes is a few tweaks to unlock the star salesperson within you.

Increase your sales pipeline efficiency

Our pipeline training course is designed to give you digestible, powerful tactics to keep valuable prospects moving through your pipeline. Everything from how to vet your leads to fine-tuning your sales stages. We cover all of the essentials.

Close more leads with a new, bulletproof mentality

Mindset is everything when it comes to sales. The course will teach you actionable tips you can use to build a bulletproof mentality that’ll give you an edge over each and every one of your competitors.

Pipeline training for elite sales performance

The 11 lessons in this Ebook contain everything you need to start pulling the numbers you deserve. From the theoretical to the practical, from mindset to making every deal count, once you’ve digested everything the Sales Pipeline Course has to offer you’ll be a more effective, energetic, and clinical salesperson.

Not everybody gets the chance to learn directly from two people with 40 years of combined experience and millions of dollars in sales. Why should your competitors get an edge while you make do with the same old processes?

Download the Sales Pipeline Course for free today and get a headstart on everybody who’s still selling the old-fashioned way.

Looking to improve your sales processes?