Find all the guidance you need as you navigate through the world of sales and CRM.
Pipedrive is your one-stop shop for savvy sales tips, in-depth guides, sales management advice, customer case studies, free tools, time-saving templates and more.

Sales tips

All the tricks of the trade you need to master your sales day.

Sales management

Sales management thought leadership — by and for sales leaders.

Templates & tools

Free downloads to help you organize your sales.

Case studies

A modest selection of the many customers world-wide growing sales with Pipedrive.

CRM education

All you need to know about customer relationship management.


World class sales knowledge from Pipedrive and industry leaders.

Sales tips

Pipedrive covers the latest sales tips, tactics and strategies for salespeople, sales managers, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Sales Pipeline Academy

11 lessons built to help you grow your sales by double digits.

Activity-based sales

The framework to boost sales — learn about Pipedrive’s core philosophy.

How to build a sales pipeline

Pipedrive teaches you the fundamentals of a sales pipeline.

Cold calling crash course
Key sales activities
One year in sales
Sales productivity around the world
What's the best weekday to sell?
Predictable revenue with Pipedrive

Sales management

Leading a sales team is tough. We’ve put together a winning selection of tips, tricks, strategies and guides that help both the seasoned sales manager and those just starting out in a sales leadership role.

Sales pipeline management

Proactively manage your pipeline to stay in control of your sales results.

Sales cycle management

Customizing your CRM gives you total control of your key sales pipeline stages.

Sales pipeline visibility

Deal transparency and understanding your business’ health at-a-glance are key to long-term growth.

Sales tracking
What is sales management?
The fundamentals of building a sales pipeline
Sales motivation tips
How to measure sales skills
Sales metrics 101
How to manage a remote sales team
How to roll out new software in a team

Free templates and tools

Sometimes you just need a simple tool such as a spreadsheet, template, or calculator to move things forward right now. We’ve curated the best downloadable sales resources out there — completely free and for your convenience.

Sales tracking template

It doesn’t matter if you’re a sales leader or a sales rookie — you must track your sales to succeed.

Sales reporting template

Reporting your results in style is the best way to show the strength of your sales performance.

Sales pipeline template

If you’re just getting started with sales pipelines, here’s a resource to organize your data.

Sales forecasting template

The ability to forecast accurately is the major key to sales success — our template will set you on the right track.

Excel sales dashboard templates

A hand-crafted selection of free Excel sales dashboards and templates to help improve your sales process.

Sales calculators

Pipedrive helps you calculate the number of sales calls you need to make in order to reach your sales goals.

Case studies

Pipedrive has helped over 80,000 small businesses organize and improve their sales process. We’ve learned a lot from the most successful Pipedrive users — garnering tips, advice and experience to bring you practical case studies you can learn from.


Mixergy got organized and booked more interviewees — boosting audience engagement and growing their brand.


PandaDoc used Pipedrive to close their $5M Series A funding — learn how they did it.

A closed deal is just the beginning: How manages customer success with Pipedrive.


SoMe increased close rates, shortened sales cycles and doubled annual revenue — in just one year.


Learn how TrekkSoft doubled signups by focusing on personalization-at-scale.


Inviqa improved lead qualification to enhance their sales process.

CRM education

Everything you ever wanted to know about customer relationship management (CRM) in one convenient place. Whether you’re a beginner or expert — we’ve got you covered. Read on for industry-specific advice to learn more about the world of CRM.

What is CRM?

The obvious starting point if you’re new to CRM.

Mobile CRM

What it means to take your business with you — wherever you go.

Small business CRM

How entrepreneurs and small sales teams can address their CRM needs.

CRM for startups
Real estate CRM
Google Apps CRM
Lead tracking
Choosing a sales CRM
Setting up Pipedrive

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