Seamlessly manage your Pipedrive CRM directly within Microsoft Outlook to streamline your workflow and boost productivity without leaving your inbox.

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Optimize Your Pipedrive Experience with Our Outlook Add-in

Enhance your productivity and streamline your sales processes with SaySync. By integrating directly with Outlook, this tool allows you to manage your Pipedrive contacts, organizations, deals, activities, and notes - all without ever leaving your inbox.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Data Entry: Quickly add new contacts, organizations, deals, activities, and notes directly from Outlook, making data entry seamless and error-free.
  • Instant Data Access: View essential information at a glance. Our sidebar displays all related contacts, organizations, deals, activities, and notes, allowing you to access the information you need without switching applications.
  • Deal Management Made Easy: Choose the right deals and update stages and statuses directly within your email workflow. This feature ensures that you always stay on top of your sales pipeline.

Why Integrate with Outlook?

Integrating Outlook with Pipedrive through SaySync gives you unique advantages:

  • Seamless Information Management: Manage all your sales and communication data in one place, saving you valuable time. This integration minimizes the need for multiple tools, reducing the risk of overlooked details and errors.
  • Enhanced Productivity: By keeping all necessary tools in one interface, you can speed up sales cycles and strengthen customer relationships, ensuring that every interaction is efficiently captured and utilized.

Installation instructions

Step 1: Create Your SaySync Account

  • Visit and sign up to create your new account. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your profile.

Step 2: Connect Your Pipedrive Account

  • Once logged in to the SaySync dashboard, click the “Connect Pipedrive account” button.
  • You will be redirected to Pipedrive. Log in if not already, and authorize SaySync to access your Pipedrive data.
  • After authorization, you’ll be redirected back to the SaySync dashboard. Verify that the new connection is listed under your active connections.

Step 3: Install SaySync on Microsoft Outlook

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and access the “Get add-ins” or “Get Apps” feature, depending on your version of Outlook. Search for “SaySync” in the Microsoft AppSource for Microsoft365 add-ins.
  • Install the SaySync Add-in and confirm any required permissions.

Step 4: Activate the SaySync Add-in in Outlook

  • To activate, open an email and click the SaySync button from the add-ins menu to open the side panel.
  • Log in with your SaySync account credentials.

You’re All Set!

  • You can now seamlessly manage your Pipedrive data directly within Outlook. Enjoy streamlined contact, deal, and activity management at your fingertips!

For any issues during installation or further assistance, please visit our support page or contact our helpdesk.

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