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Capture anonymous website visitors and power Pipedrive with intent data.

Qualify my leads, Nurture my leads

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Snitcher identifies B2B website visitors, turning anonymous traffic into leads and enriching marketing analytics. So you can win more customers with less budget.

The Pipedrive integration takes 2 minutes to set up and is built specifically for teams to work from Pipedrive with access to all of Snitchers rich company and behavioural info. So you can power Pipedrive workflows and dynamic lists, without needing to jump between multiple tools.

Sales teams can:

Segment, score and route new leads from Snitcher to Pipdrive Receive lost deal reactivation notifications in Pipedrive Prioritising existing opportunities by intent in Pipedrive

Marketing teams can:

Enroll new leads in personalised retargeting and nurturing flows. Attribute touch points at a company level. Optimise ad spend and content production.

Installation instructions

How to connect Pipedrive

To get started, make sure you have an account active with Snitcher and you are logged in.

From there navigate to the settings pages -> integrations -> Pipedrive and follow the prompts. Or hit the button below.

Integrate Pipedrive

With just a few clicks you can connect the platforms and get back to Snitcher.

You will need to be a Pipedrive admin or have the relevant permissions enabled to authenticate the integration.

How does this integration work?

The integration is a 2-way sync. This means you can send leads to Pipedrive and see in Snitcher which companies are already in Pipedrive.

When a company is identified and already exists in the CRM, the sync happens and a "Send to Pipedrive" button will be added to the company profile in Snitcher.

How is this done?

Every time Snitcher makes an identification the system checks if the company exists within Pipedrive and syncs the data.

To read more about how to setup this integration, visit our resource centre.

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