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Measure the quality of your deals with surveys and add new leads and deals to Pipedrive with the Pipedrive-Zonka Feedback integration

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Gathering leads, creating deals and collecting feedback for interactions with leads and contacts – the Pipedrive-Zonka Feedback integration does all this and more!

With the Pipedrive-Zonka Feedback integration, you can

  • Trigger surveys and feedback forms to contacts for existing deals
  • Create new deals and leads in Pipedrive when new survey responses are received in Zonka Feedback
  • Sync survey response information as lead information in Pipedrive

You can collect customer feedback and assess their satisfaction post interaction or event with automated surveys, as well as build your leads and enrich them with survey data by syncing and mapping fields from Zonka Feedback to Pipedrive

Set up your integration in two easy steps:

Step 1 - Choose from various survey templates or create your own. Measure the right metrics with NPS Surveys, CES Surveys and CSAT Surveys, gather information, get customer comments and more

Step 2 - Connect Pipedrive and Zonka Feedback. Choose how you'd like the integration to work and map the fields you'd like to sync.

That's it! Now distribute your Zonka Feedback surveys, and the rest will happen automatically.

Here's what you can do with the integration:

  • See ratings and scores with your leads and deals
  • Gauge your team performance with NPS, CSAT and CES
  • Trigger survey based on specific pipelines and labels
  • View team performance reports

Installation instructions

Learn more about the Pipedrive-Zonka Feedback integration here: https://help.zonkafeedback.com/en/articles/4804985-integrate-pipedrive-with-zonka-feedback

For any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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