Apiway is a free Zapier alternative that allows you to connect Pipedrive with 30+ services for free.

Qualify my leads, Automate my pipeline and data

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App screenshot
App screenshot
This app is either entirely free or offers some features for free. There may be limits on how much you can use certain features for free, and you might need to open paid account to access all features.


Apiway is a free tool that allows you to integrate PipeDrive with 30+ other apps, like ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, Google Sheets, etc.

You can send data to PipeDrive when a lead is created/updated, when a deal moves to the next stage and much more.

Some Apiway-enabled integrations include:

  • When someone submits a lead form on Facebook, add the lead to PipeDrive

  • When a new lead is added to PipeDrive, add it to Mailchimp and send an email campaign

  • When a Pipedrive deal is closed, send offline conference and goal achievement to Google Analytics

And much more!

Installation instructions

Sign up on Apiway, connect PipeDrive and customize an integration.


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