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DocuSign on Pipedrive

by easyCRM

freeinteractive features
freeinteractive features

Manage DocuSign envelopes for your deals with the DocuSign-Pipedrive integration

Manage contracts, Automate my pipeline and data

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This app is either entirely free or offers some features for free. There may be limits on how much you can use certain features for free, and you might need to open paid account to access all features.


With DocuSign on Pipedrive, you can integrate your own DocuSign account within Pipedrive!

View document signatures within the deals window, create envelopes to send to your customers with one click, and track signature statuses to keep everyone informed. You can do all this on any Pipedrive plan, no SmartDocs required!

Our freemium integration comes in three tiers, and offers features that Pipedrive's native integration doesn't!

Free Tier (No credit card required)

  • View your new and existing DocuSign envelopes from the deal view

Tier 1:

  • Send signature requests directly from the deal view
  • Track envelope statuses automatically using Pipedrive activities

Tier 2:

  • Automatically pass information from your deal into DocuSign templates

Still not convinced? We offer a 15-day free trial, no credit-card required! All plans are cancel anytime!

For more information about our plans and pricing, please visit:

How it works:

First, click on a deal from your Pipedrive dashboard. You will see a list of existing DocuSign envelopes relevant to that deal/person. There, you can create a new envelope automatically populated by the deal's person name and email by clicking "Create an Envelope". Then just upload a document or select a template in your Docusign account and click send! Your customers will receive a link to your document via email!

Need help? Contact us at [email protected] and one of our team will be happy to help!




Instantly see and interact with DocuSign on Pipedrive as you dive into the details of your deals/contacts in Pipedrive.

DocuSign on Pipedrive

Locations:deal details

View your documents and send new ones for signature

Installation instructions

Simply follow the instructions to install the integration:

  1. Install the app from the Pipedrive marketplace

  2. Begin your 15-day free trial of our Tier 1 plan, no credit-card required!

  3. Connect your DocuSign account

  4. You're all set up to start sending documents! You can click "Back to Pipedrive" to easily return to your deals

You can then see our app panel from within the deal details screen of a deal! Make sure to attach a Person with an email address to the deal to make use of all of your new features.

That's it! If you ever need to manage your subscription, reconnect your DocuSign account, or access settings, you can do so from your DocuSign on Pipedrive portal. Simply click "Your Portal" from the app panel!

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