Import2 Wizard

Import2 Wizard

by Import2

A simple solution to import and export your Pipedrive data

Automate my pipeline and data

App screenshot
App screenshot
App screenshot
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Import2 Wizard is a simple and easy-to-set-up tool that lets you import or export your business data between favorite apps and Pipedrive. Import2 Wizard supports all important data objects in Pipedrive: Activities, people, organizations, deals, notes, pipelines, users, stages and more.

Some examples of what Import2 Wizard can do:

○ Export activities from Pipedrive once or automate the process by setting up scheduled export: Daily, weekly or monthly. Not trigger-based. ○ Import contacts between Pipedrive and a marketing automation tool, such as MailChimp or Active Campaign ○ Import and attach products to deals in Pipedrive from a CSV file ○ Add deals to Pipedrive in bulk using a CSV file ○ Update deals properties in Pipedrive using data from a CSV file

For more ways to use Import2 Wizard and Pipedrive please visit our How-To Videos page

Installation instructions

Create an Account

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out your name and email address and create a password
  3. Click Sign Up

Connect Your Pipedrive account

  1. In Import2 Wizard, click on your name at the top right and select Connections from the dropdown menu
  2. Click “Add New Connection”
  3. Find Pipedrive in the list of tools and click “Add”
  4. Click “Add Connection” and sign in to your Pipedrive account
  5. Repeat these steps to connect any other tools you want to sync with your Pipedrive

You can now use the Import2 Wizard dashboard to import, export and sync your Pipedrive data!

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