Synchronize your Pipedrive account with to manage your deals, contacts and activities and convert them into workflows.

Manage my projects, Automate my pipeline and data

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App screenshot

Description is a project management tool that allows you to create streamlined workflows and improve alignment in teams. You can plan, track and manage your team’s work all in one place. Use this integration for Pipedrive to connect your CRM and your project management tool and make Pipedrive’s deals, contacts and activities part of your project management. Combining these two powerful tools will boost your productivity and save time.

Imagine you have a sales team working with Pipedrive and an aftersales team using Wouldn’t it be great if no information got lost between the two of them? With this integration, you can synchronize your activities in Pipedrive to and convert them into workflows. As a result, critical data won’t get lost, and your employees will align with ease. Integrating Pipedrive and enables you to automatically create a new item whenever a deal, activity or contact is added in Pipedrive. That way, you will be able to keep track of all activities. It is up to you to decide which data from your Pipedrive account will be mapped to Currently, you can select from the following: Deal, activity, person and organization as well as special fields for activities: Connected deal, deal email and deal phone number.

This integration works as a one-way sync only. Once you have created an item, it will not be automatically updated when changes are made to the original, and changes in will not sync back to Pipedrive.

Installation instructions

  1. You need to have accounts for Pipedrive and
  2. On this site, click the “Proceed to install” button at the top of the page
  3. Continue to to add the Pipedrive integration and choose how to set up synchronizations and workflows

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