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SupportBee is an email ticketing system for collaborative teams. It is designed to get everyone in your company involved in customer support. SupportBee works like a shared inbox. We stay invisible to your customers and all they see is your friendly email. It is incredibly easy to wow your customers with some personal touch using SupportBee.

Installation instructions

Use SupportBee's Pipedrive integration to share customer information between Pipedrive and SupportBee.

All Pipedrive info will automatically appear on every new ticket. By installing the integration, you can:

  • Display Pipedrive customer information as a comment on the ticket, including a link to the customer's profile in Pipedrive
  • Update customer information in Pipedrive whenever the customer sends a new ticket
  • Keep your sales team in the loop

To add the integration, visit and click on “Add to my SupportBee” button.

If this is the first integration you are adding, you will have to enter your subdomain. You will then be redirected to Pipedrive and can access SupportBee. Once SupportBee has access, you can save the integration and select the following details:

**Create a new contact in Pipedrive if one does not exist **Check this option if you want us to create a new contact in Pipedrive if we can’t find one based on the customer's email address. Send ticket's full contents to Pipedrive If this option is checked, every time a contact creates a new ticket, its contents (including attachments) will be added as notes to that contact's profile.

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