Xero Advanced Automation - SyncQ
interactive features

Xero Advanced Automation - SyncQ


interactive features
interactive features

Sync Xero and Pipedrive in both directions. Track sales and receivables in Pipedrive.

Enable payments and tracking

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Easily synchronize Xero and Pipedrive records bi-directionally. Easily access quotes, invoices, and payments directly within Pipedrive, eliminating the need to log in to Xero and toggle between apps. With SyncQ, your Pipedrive records are instantly synced with Xero, mitigating the discrepancies caused by manual entries and enhancing business efficiency. Embrace business process automation to streamline operations.

✓ Automatically Synchronize Xero Transactions with Pipedrive

✓ Synchronize Quotes, Invoices, and Payment History with Organizations and People in Pipedrive

✓ Instantly synchronize data both ways

✓ Synchronize Pipedrive Records with Xero Contacts, Quotes, Invoices, and More

✓ Track sales trends and receivables within Pipedrive

✓ Customizable mapping to suit your business requirements

✓ Utilize a single Deal for multiple Quotes/Invoices to enable Progressive Billing

✓ Email quotes and invoices can be sent out directly from Pipedrive

✓ Connect multiple Xero companies

✓ PDF format for Quotes and Invoices (SyncQ license required for viewing)




Kick off related actions in Xero Advanced Automation - SyncQ as you work with your deals, contacts and/or activities in Pipedrive.


Locations:deal detailsperson detailsorganization details

Installation instructions

For installation instructions and the sync process, please check the following links:

Installation Instructions

Helo Desk

For any help contact us at [email protected].

14 days free trial.

BUSINESS US$ 49.90/month. Includes 5 licenses. Effective USD 9.98/user/month

ENTERPRISE US$ 80.00/month. Includes 10 licenses. Effective USD 8.00/user/month

(A SyncQ license is only required for Pipedrive users who need to synchronize data to Xero, not for all users.)

Support: Ph. +1-650-665-6699 Email: [email protected]

After subscribing, contact our support team to schedule a one time complimentary setup assistance meeting.

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