If you are a PE/VC firm using Pipedrive, AIRR will make your pipeline transparent for your investors via a web portal and a mobile app.

Automate my pipeline and data, Other use cases

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App screenshot
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AIRR is a full-service integration platform for investment professionals that brings together data from CRM, accounting, pipeline and other systems you use and unites it into a convenient portal for your team and investors. Power up Pipedrive by adding document management tools, accounting platforms, databases and other BI systems of your choice.

Automate any workflows across your investment process:

  • Calculate the value of the portfolio in real-time, with exchange data that is updated daily
  • **Organize your pipeline and sync it with Pipedrive **- Connect your pipeline with Crunchbase, global and local databases
  • Sync accounting/banking data and calculate fund metrics online
  • **Store all documents and materials neatly in one place **- Put the KYC/AML documentation in order, allowing you to have full coverage of the fund participants

Install AIRR and try it for free for 14 days.

Installation instructions

Welcome to the AIRR integration with Pipedrive!

**Prerequisites: **

  1. You can initiate the creation of your AIRR account during the installation of the app from Pipedrive’s Marketplace, or you can use your existing AIRR account
  2. In any case, your account in AIRR should have an organization set up with at least one “Investment Vehicle”

**Setup instructions: **

  1. Installation from Pipedrive Marketplace:
  2. Install the app and follow the AIRR login/registration process accordingly
  3. Installation from AIRR portal
  4. Log in to the AIRR portal
  5. Click “Connect” on “Pipedrive app” in the “General Settings” section
  6. Follow the OAuth process enabling the Pipedrive integration for your organization

Data mapping

Once you enable the integration, the deals and their stages will be pulled from Pipedrive to AIRR and kept in sync in the future. The deals are mapped based on the deal titles. For instance, if you would like to map all the deals related to your “ABC Fund” in AIRR, the deal titles in Pipedrive should include “ABC Fund,” too.

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