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Dealbot for Slack

by Pipedrive

freeinteractive features
freeinteractive features

Slack is the market-leading communication platform that brings all your company's conversations together in one place.

Nurture my leads, Communicate with leads, Manage my accounts

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Let Dealbot keep you updated

With Pipedrive Dealbot for Slack, you can inform your teammates about closed deals in real time and save everyone the back-and-forth emails and unnecessary meetings. Whether you need to coordinate multiple people to help close deals, or simply want to keep everyone in the company informed about a deal's status, Pipedrive Dealbot will automatically handle it directly within Slack.

Salespeople can keep managers and colleagues informed on the fly and without having to schedule meetings or write lengthy emails.

Pipedrive Dealbot helps you:

  • Update about deals added
  • Update about closed deals
  • Send personal deal updates
  • Search for a deal, person, or organization

Note that if you’re using Workflow Automation, you can set up your own customized notifications based on your preferred triggers and filters.




Automate your work by including Dealbot for Slack actions in our Automations feature.

Installation instructions

  1. Connect and choose your Slack notifications from within Pipedrive

Set up a channel in Slack to announce new deals to the team, keep them updated and share successes, or set up your own Slack notifications inside Workflow Automation.

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