Dreamdata - Efficient B2B go-to-market

Dreamdata - Efficient B2B go-to-market

by Dreamdata

Analytics, Revenue Attribution, and Activation, powered by a fully automated B2B Customer Data Platform.

Automate my pipeline and data, Other use cases

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In B2B, the biggest challenge marketers face is connecting their activities with revenue. There are just too many touchpoints and people involved in the buying decision, resulting in complex buyer journeys and long sales cycles. Transparency gets lost.

Everyone knows that B2B revenue attribution is important, but where do you even start? The bigger the ad spend, the bigger the potential, but also the pain!

To try and solve this, a lot of companies still rely on attribution systems that are stitched together in Excel from a mix of ill-maintained B2C tools, giving them a skewed view of their revenue reality.

We’ve been there! In our previous jobs, we searched for a product that could replace our scrappy semi-solutions without draining internal resources; a solution that would continue to get developed and actually help us understand the full value of our actions. We couldn’t find one, so we decided to build it ourselves.

Enter Dreamdata, the B2B revenue attribution platform for small to midsize B2B companies with the ambition to become data-driven. Our customers typically close multiple deals a month and do inside sales with a significant digital ad spend and annual revenue ranging from a few million to hundreds of millions of dollars. We pull together and clean existing, siloed, commercial data sources before joining them with behavioral data to give a holistic reflection of the actual B2B customer journey and transform it into easy-to-digest, actionable analysis.

Installation instructions

1. Sign up for Dreamdata (if you do not already have an account)

2. Follow one of the below steps to enable the Pipedrive integration in the Dreamdata product

Install the integration from Pipedrive's Marketplace

  1. Install the Dreamdata - B2b Revenue Attribution application in the Marketplace
  2. Click "allow" to enable Dreamdata to access your data.
  3. This will redirect to the Dreamdata login page, requiring you to log in with the account.
  4. Pipedrive is now enabled, and Dreamdata can use this data to attribute revenue to your company.

Install integration from within the Dreamdata application

  1. Go to "Integrations > Pipedrive" and click "Enable".
  2. Click "allow" to enable Dreamdata to access your data.
  3. Pipedrive is now enabled, and Dreamdata can use this data to attribute revenue to your company.

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