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interactive features

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Klenty is a Sales Engagement Platform that helps sales teams execute hyper-personalized, multi-channel outreach at scale. All while eliminating manual CRM data entry.

Key Features:

  • Multichannel Sequences: Build a sequence with a mixture of emails, calls, LinkedIn tasks, and texts. Achieve repeatable sales outcomes with a centralized playbook.
  • Sequence Switching: Shift leads between sequences automatically based on engagement — such as email clicks, or answered calls.
  • Advanced Personalization: Use prospect information to customize your messages to add that human touch. Go beyond placeholder personalization and use images and videos to quickly give your leads a glimpse of your solution.

Highlights of Klenty+Pipedrive Integration

  1. Bi-directional Sync - Keep your Pipedrive updated by syncing all engagement activities, like email copies, opens, clicks and replies, call notes, and recordings.
  2. Auto-import - Automatically import leads into Klenty as and when they appear in Pipedrive.
  3. Native Widget - Route leads to sequences of your choice directly from Pipedrive.
  4. Deal Stage Automation - Move leads to different stages based on their engagement activity in Klenty automatically. Trigger new sequences for different deal stages and change messaging for warmer prospects.
  5. Pipedrive Plugin - Execute all sales activities without leaving Pipedrive
  6. Triggers & Actions - Create actions in Pipedrive based on the sales engagement in Klenty.




Instantly see and interact with Klenty as you dive into the details of your deals/contacts in Pipedrive.

Klenty Prospect Details

Locations:deal detailsperson details



Kick off related actions in Klenty as you work with your deals, contacts and/or activities in Pipedrive.

Remove from Klenty Cadence

Locations:deal detailsdeal listperson detailsPeople list

Add to Klenty

Locations:deal detailsdeal listperson detailsPeople list

Add to Klenty Cadence

Locations:deal detailsdeal listperson detailsPeople list

Installation instructions

How should you set up and install Klenty?

Setting up Klenty and installing it takes just a few minutes

  • Click on "Install now" in the top right corner.

  • Click on "Allow and Install"

  • You will be redirected to Klenty Sign-up page, where you will need to log in or sign-up to a Klenty account.

  • Once you sign up, Klenty will automatically connect with your Pipedrive account.

  • Once connected, you can enjoy a 14-day free trial and then decide on a plan that deems fit for your needs.

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