Outlook connector — Pipelook

Outlook connector — Pipelook

by Pipelook

Outlook integration for Pipedrive: Pipelook lets you easily manage your Pipedrive contacts, deals and activities, right from your Outlook mailbox!

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Pipelook: your Pipedrive CRM meets your Outlook mailbox

No more endless back-and-forth switching between your CRM and your inbox!

Our Outlook add-in lets you connect your Pipedrive account to your mailbox. When reading an e-mail, you will be able to open a sidepanel connected to your CRM.

Main features

Automatic contact lookup

When opening the sidepanel, we search your CRM contacts for matching persons. If someone is found, we'll show you the associated data; otherwise, you can add a new person to Pipedrive in one click.

Manage deals

You can view the deals associated with the sender of the mail, right from the sidepanel. A simple form can be used to setup a new deal.

Schedule activities

Someone's inviting you to lunch in an e-mail? Simply open the sidepanel and schedule the upcoming activity. It'll land instantly in your CRM. Of course, we also show you the list of related activities.

Multi-platform compatibility

Our add-in is designed so it can bring your CRM to your mailbox, no matter your work environment. We currently support Outlook for Windows, Outlook for macOS and Outlook on the web.


A recent version of Outlook is required for Pipelook to work. Legacy Office versions relying on IE11 or EdgeHTML webviews are not supported. For more about which webview is in view, read this article from the Office documentation.

Installation instructions

Once the application is installed to your Pipedrive account, you'll need to install the Outlook add-in too.

You should be able to find Pipelook on the official Microsoft AppSource for Microsoft365 add-ins. In Outlook, access "Get add-ins" (or "Get Apps", depending on the version you are using) and then search for "Pipelook".

Once installed, open the sidepanel by clicking the Pipelook button from the add-ins menu while reading an e-mail.

You'll be prompted to connect your Pipedrive account by logging in, and then you're good to go!

For more detailed instructions, screenshots, and more, see our help page.

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