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Evaluate your Pipedrive performance in Excel. Import data, save templates, apply filters and select statistics you want to analyze in seconds.

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App screenshot


SEOtools for Excel integrates popular online services and allows users to interact with the API to extract, filter and sort information.

Designed for Excel, the SEOtools integration allows you to import data, save templates, apply filters and select the statistics you want to analyze in a matter of seconds. If you need to evaluate your Pipedrive performance and like to work with Excel, this application is for you. SEOtools is based only on Windows OS.

The integration allows you to extract information from your Pipedrive account, filter, sort and display selected information. For example, you can look up and search for certain contacts, extract specific lists of activities and display everything, including attached notes. Usage of predefined templates helps speed up your analytical process, and the application of formulas can even automate several requests.

Installation instructions

Pipedrive users need Microsoft Excel installed on a Windows OS.

  1. Download and install SeoTools for Excel. A comprehensive installation guide can be found here:
  2. Users need a “Pro-license” to access the integrations (In SeoTools for Excel integrations are called “Connectors”). Try SeoTools Pro for 14 days with this link:
  3. In Pipedrive, go to “Settings” and click on API
  4. Copy the generated API token and use it with SeoTools for Excel
  5. Paste the API token from Pipedrive into Excel

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