Record your Zoom/GMeet meetings. Mark the highlights. Tag your team in real-time. Bridge live <> async. Remote in peace.

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Connect your Pipedrive to receive all tl;dv recordings with external participants automatically in the right Pipedrive contact. The tl;dv - Pipedrive integration enables you to:

  • Automatically link your tl;dv recordings and notes to an existing contact as a “Note”
  • Automatically link your tl;dv recordings and notes to your pipedrive activities as a “Meeting” linked to a contact.
  • Create a new contact whenever there is no record of that contact yet

Note: Please note that if your google contact doesn't have the name we will automatically give them a name based on the email

Installation instructions

1. Authorization:

  • Click the "Authorize" button below to initiate the integration.

2. Permissions Confirmation:

  • Review the permissions requested by tl;dv.
  • Click "Allow and Install" to proceed with the installation.

3. Account Setup:

  • You will be redirected to the tl;dv application. If you don't have an account, the onboarding process will guide you through:
    • Downloading the Chrome extension (for Google Meet meetings) or the native app (for Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings).
    • If you have an account, you'll be redirected to the integrations page.

4. Enable Automation:

  • Enable the automations you desire by toggling the switch next to the automation title
    • "Automatically save your tl;dv recordings and notes as a “Note” to a Pipedrive Contact"
    • "Automatically save your tl;dv recordings under Activities as a "Meeting""

5. Optional: Record a Meeting:

  • For an enhanced experience, consider scheduling a meeting with your customers through your calendar and record it using tl;dv.
  • tl;dv will automatically sync meeting notes to attendees on Pipedrive, creating entries if they don't exist (depending on the enabled automations).

6. Enjoy:

  • You're all set! Enjoy the seamless integration of tl;dv with Pipedrive.

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