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Softphone.Pro-Pipedrive integration with screen popup. Designed for call center agents and sales reps.

Communicate with leads, Manage my accounts

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Softphone.Pro is a SIP softphone for Windows and macOS. It's designed for call center agents and sales professionals.

Integration with Pipedrive

Softphone.Pro for Pipedrive CRM displays contact or company names matching the caller phone number in the incoming call notification and active calls windows. You can also click on the contact's full name to open its page in Pipedrive CRM.

Save time and answer calls faster

Call center agents use their softphones hundreds of times a day. That's why we've created a friendly interface with larger buttons. Perform any action in just two clicks.

Gauge performance metrics easily and in real-time

Analyze staff performance with 15 online reports, charts and a detailed call log with a click-to-play feature. For more in-depth analysis, export your call log data to Microsoft Excel with just a few clicks.

Webcam monitoring, screen capture

With the help of our webcam monitoring and screen capturing function, you can listen to the agent's conversation or observe their actions during the call and ACW and see what they do all day.

Remote configuration and security

Your team will install a pre-configured program, so IT specialists don't need to set up and establish a remote connection to their computer. Plus, users can't view or update softphone settings by themselves.

Installation instructions

You can see the Pipedrive CRM customer name (contact and account) matching the caller's phone number. Click on the customer name link to open the Pipedrive CRM customer page.

  1. Open Integration and go to the Pipedrive CRM settings section
  2. Click on the "Enable" button
  3. Click on the Authorization link
  4. If you're not logged in to Pipedrive, you'll see the Pipedrive authorization window. Enter your Pipedrive login and password. Once you log in, you'll be redirected to the authorization page. Copy the authorization code you see on that page to the clipboard.
  5. Paste the authorization code and click on the "Send" button
  6. Make sure that authorization status is now successfully authorized and click on the "Save" button
  7. Now you can see the contact and account name on the incoming call pop-up window and click to open the Pipedrive CRM customer page

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