Your virtual phone system connected to everything. Make and receive business calls from your website or Pipedrive, all in one place.

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Make and receive business calls from your website or Pipedrive, all in one place.

Toky is a full-featured business phone system that allows your customers and team to communicate seamlessly using the internet.

With virtual phone numbers from around the world, you can stay reachable no matter where your company is based.

Our Pipedrive integration and other business tools will allow you to get in touch with your contacts with a single click. Toky also logs details of every call you make, so your team can focus on sales and customer support processes.

With an ample set of features, including call recording, voicemail, SMS, speech to text and very affordable rates, you can be sure that your business’ communications needs are taken care of.

Installation instructions

After clicking “Install now” in Pipedrive’s Marketplace and agreeing with the permissions, go to the integrations menu in your Toky Dashboard, and click on “Connect” to start the integration. Pipedrive will ask for permission for the application. Please click on “Allow.”

You will then be redirected to the Pipedrive integration page in Toky, where you should:

  1. Enter your Pipedrive subdomain
  2. In the “Call Events to Notify” section, select the events you want to be notified of to create activities in Pipedrive
  3. Optional: Add actions like the creation of contacts from unknown callers or searching custom phone fields in deals or organizations
  4. Select the language you want activities to be created in
  5. Map between Toky agents and Pipedrive users. This will allow the creation of activities for the correct user in Pipedrive
  6. Install the click-to-call Chrome extension, so when you click on a phone number inside Pipedrive a Toky Dialer will make the call
  7. Last, check “Enable integration” and “Save changes”

After following these steps, Toky will synchronize contacts’ phone numbers, deals and organizations from Pipedrive. This could take a few minutes.

The integration will then be ready to use. Every call you make or receive in Toky will create an activity associated with a phone number of a contact, deal or organization.

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