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freeinteractive features
freeinteractive features

The Pipedrive-Asana automatically creates an Asana task or project when you start, close or move a deal to a selected stage in your sales pipeline.

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Boost your post-sales process

Combine the benefits of two powerful management tools with the Pipedrive-Asana integration. Your sales team will be able to cooperate smoothly with Asana teams while benefiting from plenty of time-saving features.

The Pipedrive-Asana integration lets you:

  • Create Asana tasks when you make changes to Pipedrive deals
  • Create a project/task in Asana for every new deal/lead
  • Create workflow automations for one or multiple pipelines*

Create Asana projects/tasks automatically from Pipedrive

Asana is one of the web’s most successful project management tools: It’s used by various teams ranging from logistics to customer support. With the Pipedrive-Asana integration, you can effortlessly connect the Asana teams in your organization to your Pipedrive sales team, as well as select default assignees and adjust the details included in the tasks.

Take this integration to the next level and get even more options to manage your projects by setting up Workflow Automations.

Pipedrive offers four pre-made workflow automation templates to be used with Asana:

  • Every time a deal is WON, create a project in Asana.
  • Every time a deal is LOST, create a project in Asana.
  • Every time a deal is moved to a specific stage, create a task in Asana.
  • Every time you add a new lead, create a task in Asana.


Pop-up windows

Pop-up windows

Tackle complex tasks in Asana without leaving Pipedrive via their customized pop-up windows.



Automate your work by including Asana actions in our Automations feature.

Installation instructions

  1. Create a new project in Asana.

  2. Select the Pipedrive actions you’d like to trigger an Asana task, the details you’d wish to sync, the Asana project to connect to and the assignee.

  3. When you change a deal’s status in Pipedrive, Asana will automatically create a respective task.

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