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freeinteractive features
freeinteractive features

Trello’s boards, lists and cards allow you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way.

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This app is either entirely free or offers some features for free. There may be limits on how much you can use certain features for free, and you might need to open paid account to access all features.


Let Pipedrive power your Trello cards

The Pipedrive-Trello integration allows you to:

  • Attach information from Pipedrive to cards in Trello
  • Create Trello cards, boards and lists in Pipedrive
  • Add rules to auto-create new cards based on Pipedrive events
  • Use automations in Pipedrive to create boards, lists and cards
  • Share deals, people and organizations from Pipedrive to a Trello board

Create Trello items from within Pipedrive and attach information from Pipedrive to Trello cards

With the Pipedrive-Trello integration, you can create Trello cards, boards and lists directly from Pipedrive and connect them to deals, organizations and people in your CRM. Alternatively, you can add Pipedrive data to your Trello cards, boards and lists from within Trello.

The integration enables you to choose which Pipedrive fields you wish to display, helping you direct the focus on your business objectives. Pipedrive information will be visible to all Trello users, so they don’t need to create a Pipedrive account.

Use Pipedrive workflow automation to create cards, boards and lists

Streamline your work by adding Trello as an action to your workflow automation in Pipedrive. You can set up rules and triggers to either create a board, a card or a list in Pipedrive. Users can choose from three different templates to create workflow automations for Trello in Pipedrive.




Instantly see and interact with Trello as you dive into the details of your deals/contacts in Pipedrive.

Linked Trello Cards

Locations:deal detailsperson detailsorganization details

See an overview of the Trello cards linked to your deals or contacts and seamlessly interact with them.

Pop-up windows

Pop-up windows

Tackle complex tasks in Trello without leaving Pipedrive via their customized pop-up windows.

Installation instructions

Note: You need both a Pipedrive and a Trello account to use this app.

  1. On top of this page click on “Proceed to install”
  2. You will be directed to a Trello page where you can add Pipedrive as a Power-Up. Click on “Add Power-Up” to continue.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select the board you want to connect to Pipedrive and click “Add” to proceed
  4. You can then click “Go to board.” This will direct you to your Trello board, where you should click on Pipedrive in the menu under “Power-Ups.” From the dropdown, click “Pipedrive” and “Authorize account.” Then click “Link Pipedrive Account”.
  5. A new window will open and prompt you to connect with Pipedrive. To proceed, click “Allow and Install”.
  6. Once installed click on "Pipedrive Power-Up" from your Trello board menu. Next, click “Get Permissions in Pipedrive”.
  7. Click “Allow” to give Pipedrive access to Trello.
  8. All done! Your account is now connected and verified by both Pipedrive and Trello.

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