Channels shows you all crucial customer data right when prospects call. You will be prepared to seize every opportunity.

Communicate with leads, Manage my accounts, Support my customers

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Channels is a calling app that helps you close every sales call.


Channels integrates with your Pipedrive account to pull crucial customer data from it. When a prospect calls you, Channels presents you with all their information. You’ll never get caught off-guard or find yourself in a situation where you can’t recall previous touchpoints with customers.

Channels also provides you with a Web Call feature, so your customers can call you with one simple click right from your website. You can adjust the theme, colors and position of the widget to make it your own and adapt it to your brand.

Channels comes with a Click-to-Call widget. You have all phone numbers highlighted in your browser, so you can click on them and start a call straight away.

If that’s not enough, Channels is packed with useful features that will help your business thrive and keep your clients happy! Some features are:

  • Mobile App
  • IVR
  • Live-listening
  • Call recordings
  • Toll-Free numbers
  • International phone numbers from more than 60 countries
  • eCommerce platforms integrations

Special offer: Get a free 7-day trial including all of the features for free!

Then, choose between the Free plan or one of the paid plans Plus or Advanced.

Installation instructions

  • Click on the "Install now" button next to the Channels icon

  • You'll be redirected to a page where you have to authorize the installation. Scroll down the page and click on the "Allow and Install" button

  • You'll be asked to log in or create an account if you don't have one. The process is very easy. You'll be asked to fill out a few fields and enter your details.

  • Congrats! You’ve successfully integrated Channels with Pipedrive!

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