interactive features
interactive features

Make sure your SMS notifications are delivered globally. Automate messaging based on deals stage, contact labels and activities.

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App screenshot
App screenshot


Fromni SMS-gateway app for Pipedrive is a simple and easy-to-use solution for automating personal messaging. We operate from Finland and deliver SMS all over the world.

App features

  • Template builder. Create different templates with or without variables.
  • Automations builder. Create new automation in just a few minutes. Currently we support automated messaging based on your deals stage, contact labels and activities. Choose the automation type, add the text you'd like to send and set the time. The app can send your message either immediately or with a delay.
  • Manual messaging. Manual SMS messages can be sent from the deal, contact or organization.
  • Mass messaging. Find people that match one of your Pipedrive filters and send your message to all of them.
  • Branded Sender’s name. We will register a branded sender ID for your business.
  • Lower rates. We can offer competitive pricing for all your destinations and guarantee high delivery and quality routes.




Instantly see and interact with Fromni SMS-gateway as you dive into the details of your deals/contacts in Pipedrive.


Locations:deal detailsorganization detailsperson details



Kick off related actions in Fromni SMS-gateway as you work with your deals, contacts and/or activities in Pipedrive.

Fromni messaging

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Fromni settings

Locations:activity listdeal detailsdeal listperson detailsPeople listorganization detailsorganization list

Send message

Locations:deal detailsorganization detailsperson details

Pop-up windows

Pop-up windows

Tackle complex tasks in Fromni SMS-gateway without leaving Pipedrive via their customized pop-up windows.

Installation instructions

Full instructions are here.

Before you start

  • Register your Fromni SMS-gateway account. Here is the direct link

  • Generate your Pipedrive secret key

Log in to your Fromni SMS-gateway personal account and select the Secret keys section. In the window, choose "Create Secret Key", enter its name, select the type of integration (Pipedrive) and copy the secret key (the "floppy disk" symbol), click "Create Secret Key".

Using an App – Templates

  • Go to Templates tab and click "New template".

  • You can use variables in your text. For example, you can add details about the deal.

Using an app – Automations

  • To create an automation that would send a message when your deal gets particular status, go to the Automations tab and click "New automation".

  • To create an automation that would send a message when your Contact gets particular label or activity, go to the Automations tab, select the template you'd like to send and set the time.

Using an app – manual Campaigns

You can send a message to one of your Contacts or set a bulk campaign.

  • Go to the Contacts page and choose your subscribers using Pipedrive filters on the top-right corner of the page.

  • Press the Menu button and choose Fromni messaging option.

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