Capture and convert more leads with the Intercom Messenger. Create deals seamlessly and transfer conversations to Pipedrive.

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Intercom's live chat is the fastest way to boost sales and create new revenue. With Intercom, you can capture and convert more leads by proactively engaging with them on your website. Use bots to automatically qualify leads and chat with the hottest ones in real-time. You can track those leads in Pipedrive ,too.

The integration allows you to create deals in Pipedrive with one click as you capture and qualify leads in Intercom. This means you’ll never miss an opportunity to close a deal.

You can also view details about a lead's Pipedrive deal in your Intercom Inbox, so you have all the context you need when chatting with a lead. Plus, your conversation is automatically logged in the lead’s timeline on Pipedrive – giving you a complete picture of the lead’s journey so that you can pick up your sale right where you left it.

Installation instructions

Setting up is easy! If you have an Intercom account, simply click on "install now" and authorize access to your account or find the Pipedrive app in the Intercom App Store and install it from there.

If you don't yet have an Intercom account, you can sign up on our website and then install the app from the Pipedrive Marketplace or the Intercom App Store. Then, you can begin creating deals and sending conversations right away!

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